The Lodge

The Lodge is a hidden gem in East LA.

Obscured by a large tree, the art deco façade is easily swallowed up by the hustle of Western and its surrounding corner markets and appliance stores. Street parking is your parking choice du-jour when visiting The Lodge, but its location feels specially curated as part-and-parcel of its exhibitions.

Alice Lodge is founder and current director of the Lodge. Founded in 2015, this special space has already seen an expansion from its original one-room gallery. Speaking of good art coming in small packages, 2015 also heralded The Mini Show. The Mini show featured the single room of the Lodge which was replicated as a miniature diorama gallery-goers could interact with. The Mini show featured (and was co-curated by) Clare Crespo, who even painted original mini artworks to hang on the wall of this miniature Lodge.

Although the Lodge specializes in local, LA talent, The Lodge has already hosted two international shows since its 2015 inception. The recent exhibition, Landscapes by David Black closed on March 31st. The forthcoming exhibition promises Timothy Isham & Raymond J Barry, an LA actor. Landscapes was David Black’s second solo show at The Lodge, and heavily features car culture in LA, with recurring motifs. Several recurring motifs are rattlesnakes, and in Landscapes, doves.

Using all natural light, David Black introduces an interesting patterned effect to his photography. His LED light technique stipples the naturally lit landscapes and cars. Although not originally from LA, Black understands the heart of the city, and captures car culture removed from both the 50s and Chicano car culture. Black somehow bridges the strange space between the average Angeleno, and the city’s car history. He does this all while imbuing the photographs with a sort of modern, advertisement texture. This comes to no surprise, since Black’s day job is working as a photographer for big houses such as Nike.

April 13th is the opening reception for The Lodge’s upcoming exhibition featuring Timothy Isham & Raymond J Barry. The Lodge gives us an opportunity not just to explore art in our local community, but to explore artists from local circles we might not know are in the art world. I’m thrilled to have been exposed to such a robust and special gallery in the heart of East LA, and The Lodge promises us this is only the beginning of their community building and exhibiting.

The Lodge:

Closing Exhibition:
David Black, Landscapes
February 16 – March 30, 2019

Forthcoming Exhibition:
Timothy Isham & Raymond J. Barry
April 13th – May 11, 2019 

Thurs – Sat
12pm-6pm (or by appointment) 

1024 N. Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Raleigh Barrett Gallina
Author: Raleigh Barrett Gallina

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