The Latest NoHo Neighborhood Council News

Photo Credit: Adria Brodie

NoHo Neighborhood Council Board Meetings Have a New Location

Stop by the East Valley High School in North Hollywood every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm, and enjoy board meetings with more leg room, seating areas, and plenty of parking.

Take the opportunity to meet your District Representatives face to face and bring your comments, questions, and concerns about the NoHo community. The NoHo Neighborhood Council meeting is a great way to find out what kind of projects are coming to NoHo and weigh in on a board vote. Let’s work together to make our community better. See you soon.

NoHo Neighborhood Council Has Two Open Board Seats!

The NoHo Neighborhood Council is looking for a dedicated volunteer to fill the District 3 Business Representative Seat. Additionally, the Neighborhood Council is seeking a motivated youth to fill the Youth Empowerment Seat. If you or anyone you know care about the NoHo community and want to get involved with the NoHo Neighborhood Council, contact Adria Brodie at

District 3 Business Representative

  • Business representative may include, but is not limited to, stakeholder operating or working for businesses, including owner of a rental property within District 3 and who is 18 years or older. Please submit a short statement on why you should be elected to the Board.
  • District 3 Boundaries: Begins at Fair Avenue and Vanowen Street, heading east along Vanowen Street to Clybourn Avenue, south along The Los Angeles City Limit to Hatteras Street, west along Hatteras Street to Vineland Avenue, north on Vineland Avenue to Victory Blvd., west on Victory Blvd. to Fair Avenue, north along Fair Avenue to Vanowen Street.

Youth Empowerment Seat

  • The Youth Empowerment Seat is an advisory representative serving in conjunction with the twenty-three (23) elected board members of the NoHo NC who is authorized to attend meetings, and speak on matters coming before the Board.
  • This position is open to a qualified candidate who (1) is at least 16 years of age but less than 18 of age as of the then-current election and (2) submits a 500-word essay on why he/she would like to serve on the board.