The Juice Parlor

The Juice Parlor – “The perfect stop to feel good, refuel, and enjoy life.”  5658 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601

“It’s Better To Feel Good” – Organic Juices, Smoothies and Acai Bowls

When I arrived at The Juice Parlor I was greeted with a lovely smile from Sarina Helen, one of the owners of this inviting place, her partner Dima Ciolache being the other. I have to say that when you spend more than a couple of minutes in this calm and pretty space, Sarina and Dima’s charming store on Cahuenga, it certainly puts you in the mood for smiling!

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The decor is soft and simple with a definitively modern Apothecary twist, a little bit vintage and a little bit delicious…

The wellness vibe continues on to the large blackboard menu, divided into juices, blends, parlor shots and something a bit new…acai mixture’s…which are kind of the meal portion of the menu…without the cooking. A meal without the cooking that is.

So I tried a little bit of everything, as I do, and everything new I tried I liked just as much as the last. I do love blends and juices and shots, and they have such a wonderful selection, each item specific to whatever you think you may need.


If you are tired there is the ‘Spring in Your Step’, if you are under the weather you can have a ‘Mayan Remedy’ and if you have a long dance class to go to try the ‘Dancing Shoes’. Sarina developed that one especially for the local Dancers, and NoHo is full of them of course!.

I really like the way the menu has been created just for the customer, and although there is a big emphasis on healthy and healing at The Juice Parlor, taste is also clearly very important too, no one likes to torture themselves with their beverages, even if they are doing you some good!

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Everything is very fresh and organic and locally sourced of course, and they blend all the drinks and even the shots to order, you can watch them as they work, it’s a little dance of deliciousness, with baskets of fruits and vegetables and dashes of potions in bottles and sprinkles of spices…quite fascinating.

Everything I tried had such interesting layers of flavor, nothing seemed to over power anything else, and you can truly feel something happening, not just to your pallet, but also to your being.

The spices like ginger and turmeric root and cayenne lift you up as they they go down. The more you drink, the better you feel! Which is what I usually say about wine…but in this case you feel better and you stay better!


Lastly, but by no means least I have to tell you about the wonderful, creamy Acai mixtures…very unusual and completely addictive. Sarina discovered Acai a few years ago on a trip to Brazil and has spent some time experimenting with different concoctions and magical mixes. The result of which is not only the more traditional methods of drinks they serve but the bowls of acai, granola and fresh fruit that go far beyond the simple yoghurt and sprinkles. These are big bowls of tart and sweet, buttery and crunchy, chunky and smooth, and absolutely beyond yummy. Plus, they are really, really good for you!

What could possibly go wrong? I could get addicted I suppose, but it’s hardly the worst thing to be addicted to after all!

the juice parlor

When you visit this lovely piece of NoHo tucked away on Cahuenga and Vineland, be prepared to fall in love. In love with the beautifully engineered and fragrantly delicious fare and the comfortable and inviting setting and, very possibly, with the sweetness of Sarina and Dima, who are so happy to be able to share their knowledge and love of all things healing and healthy with everyone who crosses their threshold. They have become an integral part of their surroundings, with loyal customers singing their praises and visiting daily for their imbibments of joy and invigoration…just wonderful!

the juice parlor noho

I highly and tastily recommend The Juice Parlor, tell them Samantha sent you and they may give you an extra berry or two!

The space was designed by Make Model Method.

The Juice Parlor, 5658 Cahuenga Blvd,, North Hollywood, 91601

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