The Importance of Having Pet Insurance for Your Dog

Every pet owner must take proper care of their pet in order for them to live a long, healthy and happy life. This requires providing them with healthy food, a well-protected living environment as well as taking them on regular walks and engaging them in various activities. Besides these things, there is another way of securing your pet’s health and that is obtaining pet insurance.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that every dog’s life comes with uncertainties. This means that no matter how much you do for keeping your dog’s health in check, there may be a time when your companion would need immediate medical care. So, instead of paying out of your pocket for all medical expenses, obtaining pet insurance for your dog will undoubtedly come in handy in such situations.

However, many pet owners constantly ask themselves the same question: Is pet insurance worth it? In order to better understand how everything works, in this article, we have gathered all the information you need to know about pet insurance, as well as what the benefits of having one are. 

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How does pet insurance work?

The main purpose of pet insurance is to protect your dog’s health and minimize the overall costs of veterinary expenses you would otherwise pay on your own. Therefore, one of the best and most important things about pet insurance is that it comes with monthly premiums, annual deductibles and copayments. For example, the annual deductibles can be very low and cover about 80-90% of the medical bills, therefore obtaining great value in cost reduction.

Finding the best pet insurance for your dog mostly depends on your pet’s current health condition and the coverage you are looking for. That’s why you have four options you can choose from if you are looking to obtain pet insurance. Here is a brief explanation of each type.


As the name suggests, the wellness insurance plan covers all routine or preventive care. This typically includes regular checkups, yearly vaccines and even dental work. Since it doesn’t cover illnesses or accidents, it is usually sold as an add-on option to other health insurance plans.


The accident-only insurance plan covers any harm or injuries caused by an accident. Some of these include car accidents, scratches from fighting with other dogs and even snake bites, but not breed-specific issues or tick and flea bites. It is suited for any dog with a clean history of pre-existing health conditions.

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The accident-illness insurance plan also covers any harms or injuries caused by accidents as well as illnesses diagnosed by a vet. These include cancer, infectious diseases, hereditary and skin conditions. However, it doesn’t cover diseases where there is a vaccine available for treating it. It is best suited for dogs that are prone to certain health problems.

Accident-illness with wellness

The accident-illness with wellness insurance plan is considered the best type as it covers accidents, illnesses and routine care checkups. Although it may be the most expensive insurance plan, it provides the best comprehensive level of insurance. This insurance plan may have age limits as it is best suited for ageing dogs and dogs which are prone to certain health issues.

Benefits of pet insurance

Besides providing coverage for all veterinary fees for treating injuries and illnesses, there are other benefits of obtaining pet insurance for your dog. Here is an explanation of each benefit.

Reduces pet care costs

Taking care of your dog isn’t very cheap. For example, a specialist visit to diagnose cancer in dogs costs about $1500 which doesn’t include further chemotherapy or radiation. Therefore, if you are looking to lower the burden of large expenses, obtaining pet insurance can certainly help you do so.

Factors that affect the insurance rates include your dog’s age, species and breed as well as the coverage package you choose. Just remember to double-check all policies in the insurance plan so you will know what your coverage package includes and for how long.

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Helps provide the best veterinary care

As opposed to human health insurance policies which often require you to use a certain health care provider, pet insurance policies let you choose a veterinarian of your liking. So, if your dog has been going to the same vet ever since it was born, you don’t have to worry about looking for a certain veterinarian.

Another advantage of obtaining pet insurance is that you won’t need a referral from a doctor to see a specialist for certain health conditions your dog may be struggling with. This is very useful especially for emergencies that may occur after closing hours or during holidays.

Comes in handy for unexpected emergencies

If for some reason your dog gets accidentally injured or diagnosed with a serious health condition, pet insurance can come in handy by getting your pet the best care in such unexpected emergencies. Besides this, you will also have a piece of mind knowing that you wouldn’t have to worry about large expenses for treatment.

For example, if your dog must undergo immediate surgery which is often quite expensive, you can use your pet insurance plan to cover all costs. Also, this includes any additional vet treatments and medications that your pet must take after the surgery. Therefore, you would avoid paying anything out of your pocket. 


Final thoughts

Generally speaking, pet insurance serves as a safety net to help you protect yourself from unexpected costs as well as it provides your pet with the best possible treatment and care. All you have to do is choose one of the abovementioned insurance plans which best serves your dog’s needs. By obtaining it, you can rest easy knowing that if your dog suffers from an unexpected injury or illness, the pet insurance plan can help you and your pet go through such situations with less worry and reduced additional or unforeseen expenses. 

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