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The Importance Of Attending Accredited Interior Design Programs

Now you can find numerous interior design programs that are offered by specialty schools, online programs and colleges.

It does become a little complicated to choose an appropriate school. In most cases the really important factor is convenience. This means that the school needs to be in a school that is easily accessible, offering a schedule that would fit the lifestyle of the student. This is definitely a basic requirement that does need to be considered but besides it, you also want to think about accreditation. The higher education architecture firms will always be better for those that are interested in this career path.

In the US the general accreditation is given by universities and colleges through 2 national organizations, Council For Higher Education Accreditation and US Department of Education. The organizations mentioned are divided into specific regional agencies. We also have some accrediting organizations that focus on a specialty, like DETC (Distance Education and Training Council) that are officially recognized by both national organizations, which offer lists of the fully legitimate accrediting organizations.

One of the most important reasons why general education accreditation is vital is that the degrees earned at college with accreditation through the regional organizations will be officially recognized by other agencies. Through accreditation you make sure you are fully eligible for grants or student loans while employers could even offer some tuition assistance.

The students that are attending the accredited programs can transfer credits if they decide to change schools. Also, accreditation will guarantee that schools provide educational results, counseling, admission, placement and many other services in an appropriate way.

There are also different interior design programs that offer specialty accreditation. Schools that do not have this accreditation can offer a proper interior design introduction but the specialty program will offer a much higher comprehensive foundation for interior design students.

In Canada and the US the interior design programs can be accredited by Council for Interior Design Accreditation, which is a non-profit organization that is responsible for developing interior design education guidelines. This Council is updating and reviewing accreditation standards every single year. The council members are educators, designers and public members that do work with interior designers.

Accreditation applying is quite voluntary. In order to apply the school has to submit a specific self-study of the faculty and the offered programs. The next step is having an experts team that will visit the school and will perform the necessary program offerings review, together with checking staff credentials. Schools that meet requirements receive accreditation.

Aspiring interior designers need to seriously consider attending just accredited schools. In order to be licensed, in many US states, designers need to go through certification exams that are held by the US National Council of Interior Design Qualification. The accredited schools are those that are currently offering the needed foundation in order to take such exams and fully guarantee students are studying exactly the necessary coursework in order to take the licensing exams after the graduation. Being accredited as an interior designer drastically increases the possibility of getting employment.