The Home Makeover Checklist: Do You Have What You Need?

The Home Makeover Checklist: Do You Have What You Need?

Completing a home makeover has its challenges: how long will the room be off limits? What is the window for the furniture delivery? Is the contractor price gouging? What happens if there’s not enough money in the budget? What’s it like to live in a house under renovation? What if the fixtures that were ordered aren’t compatible with the wiring? There’s a lot to think about before going all in for a renovation project, that’s why it might be better to start making small, temporary changes first, before making any permanent alterations to the space.

Think about it: What if after you have spent all that money, you don’t like the results? It’s better to change up a room with a few accents and furniture pieces than it is to tear down and rebuild before you’re sold on the project.

If you’re looking to update your living space without making a full-time commitment, here are some items to add to your home makeover checklist:

Ceiling Drapery: If you live in an apartment, condo or other rented living space, housing management typically forbids the walls be painted. If you own your home, you may be worried about painting the space, what if the mauve you loved at the hardware store looks more violet on your walls at home?

You don’t have to paint your interiors to bring color and vitality into the space. To see if you would even like having color in the room, hang colored or patterned drapes from the ceiling of your home. Interior designer Betsy Brown suggests using “white linen in a bedroom, a darker color in a dining room. It smooths everything out and feels more interesting. You can even hang art from chains on top of it.”

Adjustable Pedestal Tables: It seems that it’s the prerequisite of every living room to have a coffee table serving as the anchor point of all the furniture in the space. Having the same coffee table in the same space supporting the same books and trinkets can get stale.

Decorating the room with a few adjustable pedestal tables gives you the chance to play with levels and arrangement. Your pedestal table could be used as a writing desk or an impromptu dining table. Pedestal tables are lightweight, letting you move the pieces about from room to room, updating your interiors on a regular basis. Is a coffee table necessary to complete a room? No. Will an adjustable pedestal table function like a coffee table, desk, dining and side table? Yes.

Area Rug:

An item that really helps to warm interiors and tie a room together is a large area rug. Area rugs like those from Chandra Rugs or other oriental rug makers add texture, color and definition to what could be an otherwise empty space. Another benefit of an area rug is that it protects your floors. And more to the point, if you’re wanting to replace your carpet or flooring but don’t have the funds to do it, an area rug will hide the flooring and help to make a drab space fab!

Carve Up the Space: If you have large living room or bedroom, the size of the space can at times look like it’s swallowing your décor whole. Rather than continuing to purchase more and more furniture to fill up the seemingly pit-less space, divide it up.

Houzz recommends dividing the space using L-shaped furniture, using a screen to make “two” rooms or by painting two-tone walls. If you choose to divide the space with a screen, you can establish the function(s) of the space more appropriately, such as designating one part of the space a reading nook and the other a space for entertainment and socializing.

You don’t have to break the bank to create an updated and fashionable interior space. All you have to do is know what you’re looking for.