The Harmony of the Noosphere | 5 Car Garage


Contemporary art is often inaccessible to many. Potatoes on a table generating an electric charge, or even a pile of candy in the middle of the room are the stars of art exhibitions. Onlookers may even think “I can do that.” Upon first glance, The Harmony of the Noosphere doesn’t quite carry the weight of its narrative. However, Ian James’ brilliance shows through in the description of each art piece, and is dually elevated when you begin to visualize how long the craft of each piece actually takes.

Ian James’ “The Harmony of the Noosphere” is exhibiting at 5 Car Garage in Santa Monica, CA, via appointment only from December 12, 2020 – January 23, 2021. Using the Noosphere as the central point of focus, “The Harmony of the Noosphere” tackles the delicate dance between spiritualism and capitalism vis a vis marble laminate artifacts and photography.

What is the Noosphere? The Noosphere is the third sphere surrounding Earth, outside of the Lithosphere and Biosphere. The Noosphere is a telepathic sphere where all intelligence and consciousness gathers and evolves into a singular, understanding entity. Based on the extensive writings of Jose Arguellas, the Noosphere is highlighted as utopic in nature, and is impeded by capitalist spiritual inventions and commerce.

From photography of cult spiritual leader inventions manufactured by the group’s followers, to neck pillows purchased on Amazon intended to heal individuals within a certain spiritual plane, even religion and spirituality in the United States cannot escape Capitalistic momentum. The focal point of the exhibition is a marble laminate pyramid broadcasting new age healing music on a local radio channel. The full joy of James’ radio marble pyramid is in his sharing of the acquisition. James designed and imported this piece from Wuhan China at the 2020, just when the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began in Los Angeles. With local stores depleted of toilet paper and PPE, the Wuhan, China manufacturing facility graciously substituted packing peanuts for rolls of toilet paper and masks!

Especially with the whiplash of 2020, “The Harmony of the Noosphere” is a dimension we all can daily elevate with, and contribute to, as we focus on human connectivity and elevate to a singular consciousness of understanding and kindness 

Gallery:  5 Car Garage   |

Artist: Ian James

Exhibition: “The Harmony of the Noosphere”

Exhibition Dates:   December 12, 2020 – January 23, 2021

Location: Location disclosed upon booking of private showing.