The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague”

The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague”
The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague”

NoHo Arts music review of  The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague” album.

The GOAT is the musical alias of Chris Marcinikiewicz, one of Vancouver’s premier electronic musicians, a master of techno, industrial and ambient sounds fusion. His latest album is 12 tracks of shimmering shivering sound. 

Moody, refined, enigmatic techno, the music seems to breathe as it flickers sand spirals and curls.

The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague”

A DJ and producer, The GOAT is a musician at heart. In the early 2000s he performed throughout western Canada, playing with the likes of Chris Liebing, Layton Giordani, D-Unity, Ramon Tapia, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Angel and Claude Young.  But this album was drawn from the last few years of our shared brutal experience. You can hear the conversation, feel the stress and the search for balance, the abstract cycles and the shadowy rhythms.

The music is sculptural, probing, relentless. Yet there’s an organic quality to it. The walls of textured sound are nuanced and detailed and curved. Electronic music has a misplaced reputation for always being sharp and cold.

The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague”

However,  The GOAT’s “The Details Are Vague” is far from that. Instead, the waves of music feel human and emotional while it trips out on furious beats and primal techno. There’s a chaos sure, but it always feels as if it’s moving toward something real, something profound and meaningful.

Purposeful techno, cinematic, alien, tough and voluminous. It’s a gorgeous dark effusive battle of an album. Full of attitude and pulsing with vivid loud energy. I loved its gritty and unapologetic futuristic curves. Brilliant!


Label: Groundwerk Recordings

Musician Names/Instruments: The GOAT (Chris Marcinkiewicz) featuring Melohalo (Amanda

Producer Name(s): The GOAT (Chris Marcinkiewicz)


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