The Ghost Road Company Presents “Jocasta: A Motherf**cking Tragedy”

“Jocasta: A Motherf**cking Tragedy”- conceived and directed by Brian Weir.

Running January 11 through February 10, Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm.

Developed in workshop by the Ghost Road members, “Jocasta: A Motherf**cking Tragedy” is a modern take on the Oedipus story through the eye on Jocasta, the mother. 

It’s all here…the oracle, the chorus, the witnesses, the lovers, the tragedy of it all.  We all think we know what’s going on in our lives, don’t we? But fate has a sick way of reminding us that we don’t have any control over absolutely anything.

This is a brilliant and wild imagining of Jocasta’s realization of that fact, when she hits reality like a brick wall and her world falls down around her ears.  This world is already part insane asylum and part paradise and the stage is used to show us both sides.  The set is pretty fantastic actually, simple yet perfectly conceived, built like an alter that feels like a mortuary with a swimming pool attached. 

The performances are remarkable. 

Coldly calculated, passionately played. Each actor brings their own interpretation of what happens when your mind gets blown.  Imagine actually finding this out after years of a deeply loving relationship, several children, passion and intimacy on a level you have never know and then suddenly it’s all over in a flash of horrific understanding.

It’s a brutal world sometimes and it leaves your head spinning, and this play does an excellent job of mirroring that.  There are some mind-bending moments, some gorgeous group work with the chorus, each of whom are wonderfully disparate and vile. 

It’s a creepy story and this version is so expertly heartbreaking in such a modern vital way – like a car crash that you can’t stop watching even though you know you will have nightmares for weeks.  Jocasta is relatable, believable and really could be any one of us. Her love is vivid and sorrowful and beautifully portrayed. Everyone one is truly excellent.  Funny, authentic, evocative and mesmerizingly cruel…like life.

I love theatre when it’s as daring and real and syncopated as this. Bravo Ghost Road, bravo…miss this at your peril.

The Broadwater Main Stage, 1078 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038


Christine Breihan, Adam Dlugolecki, Max Faugno, Kimberly Glann, Jen Kays, and Katharine Noon.

Developed in workshop by Ghost Road ensemble members Brian Weir, Katharine Noon, Kim Glann, Ronnie Clark, Jen Kays, Christine Breihan, and Adam Dlugolecki along with Jakob Berger, Lauren Campedelli, Alexa Vellanoweth and Diana Wyenn.

Set Design by Francois-Pierre Couture

Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch

Sound Design by Cricket Myers

Costume Design by Vicki Conrad

Original Songs by Jakob Berger

Props by John Burton

Fight Director Ronnie Clark

Stage Manager Manichanh Kham

Produced by Mark Seldis

Poster art by Jen Kays

Poster design by Liesel Kopp

Press Representative Ken Werther

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.