"The Game’s Afoot" L-R_Clara Rodriguez, Troy Whitaker, Sascha Vanderslik. Photo by Doug Engalla.

A theatre review of Ken Ludwig’s “THE GAME’S AFOOT” directed by Larry Eisenberg at the Group Rep in the NoHo Arts District through January 2, 2022.

Well, the holiday season is here.  Chanukah has begun and Christmas is just around the corner, and The Group Rep has feasted us with a glorious murder mystery/comedy romp!  Ken Ludwig’s “THE GAME’S AFOOT” is wonderfully directed by Larry Eisenberg.  

Critically acclaimed Broadway star William Gillette (played by Neil Thompson) invites fellow cast members to his Connecticut country home for Christmas Eve and a weekend of festivities.  One of the guests is murdered.  Gillette, who fancies himself the actual Sherlock Holmes, decides to take charge of the investigation.  

"The Game’s Afoot"
“The Game’s Afoot” L-R_Susan Priver, Neil Thompson. Photo by Doug Engalla.

Gillette’s Mother, Martha (Clara Rodriguez) is getting ready for Christmas, and is annoyed at her son when she finds out he has invited guests to spend the holiday with them.  Aggie Wheeler (Sascha Vanderslik) and Simon (Troy Whitaker) are first to arrive announcing they eloped last month.  Aggie has inherited a fortune from her late husband who died in a skiing accident during their honeymoon. Hum!  Next to arrive are married couple Felix (Patrick Skelton) and Madge Geisel (Barbara Brownell), both actor friends of Gillette’s.  Last to arrive, but certainly not least, is turban and mink wearing Daria Chase (Susan Priver) who is a journalist and theatre reviewer.  Everyone in attendance is not thrilled that Daria is there.  You see, Daria’s reviews have been less than kind to every one of the guests. 

When the police are notified about a murder, Inspector Coring (Michele Schultz) arrives at the house and competes with Gillette for control of the investigation.  Everyone is a suspect.  But, whodunit?  I can’t tell you that.  It would spoil all the fun now, wouldn’t it?

With tricks and tales around every corner, Director Larry Eisenberg has brought laughter, innuendo and high jinx to this fun play.  Great timing and staging by the actors contribute to the characters portrayal.  They are all accomplished and are thoroughly enjoyable.  As usual, Chris Winfield’s set design is perfect, costumes by Angela M. Eads are perfect.  Lighting, sound, perfect.  

"The Game’s Afoot"
“The Game’s Afoot” L-R_Neil Thompson, Barbara Brownell, Patrick Skelton. Photo by Doug Engalla.

“THE GAME’S AFOOT” is definitely one to see this holiday season.  It’s a fun Christmas whodunit, full of laughs, quality acting, fabulous sets, and an evening or afternoon that will add to your holiday. 

We all need this kind of entertainment.  It fills our hearts with joy and laughter.  Wishing youhappy holidays, a merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, happy Kwanza to everyone filled with kindness.  Whatever you celebrate, do it with family, friends and those you care about.  Enjoy everyone.



Barbara Brownell, Susan Priver, Clara Rodriguez, Michele Schultz, Patrick Skelton, Neil Thompson, Sascha Vanderslik and Troy Whitaker.


Director:  Larry Eisenberg

Assistant Director:  Todd Andrew Ball

Stage Manager:  John Ledley

Set Design:  Chris Winfield

Lighting Design:  Douglas Gabrielle

Costumer Designer:  Angela M. Eads

Sound Design:  Steve Shaw

Wigs, Hair & Makeup:  Judi Lewin

Props/Set Dressing:  Kyra Schwartz

Fight Choreography:  Marc Antonio Pritchett

Social Media:  Kristin Stancato

Photography/Videography:  Doug Engalla

Graphic Design:  Art & Soul Design

Publicity:  Nora Feldman

"The Game’s Afoot"
“The Game’s Afoot” L-R_Patrick Skelton, Michele Schultz, Neil Thompson. Photo by Doug Engalla.


November 26 through January 2, 2022.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm; Sunday Matinees at 2:00 pm.

Dark Saturday, December 25.

Show added Thursday, 12/24 at 8:00 pm.

Sunday Talkbacks with cast and production team:  12/05 and 12/19.


Lonny Chapman Theatre – Main Stage

10900 Burbank Blvd.

North Hollywood 91601


http://www.thegrouprep.com  or  818-763-5990

Ticket Price:

General Admission: $30.00

Seniors & Students with ID $25.00

Parties 10+ $20.00

Appropriate for all ages.

Covid Policy:

All patrons MUST be VACCINATED, show ID and proof of full vaccination required upon entry, and wear a mask while inside the theater complex. Entire Cast and Crew are fully vaccinated.

Cathy Wayne
Author: Cathy Wayne