The Filigree Theatre Presents “100 Planes”

The Filigree Theatre Presents “100 Planes,” Written by Lila Rose Kaplan and Directed by Elizabeth V. Newman.

“100 Planes” runs July 26th through August 4th, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 5pm

The Broadwater Theatre Black Box Theater, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd LA CA 90038

What a truly fascinating play.  Centered around three women and their experiences and struggles within the deeply misogynistic, combative and competitive world of the US Air Force. 

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“100 Planes” introduces its audience to three wildly different women who are drawn to this strange world for very different reasons and must now navigate it, as they deal with each other’s roles in unknowingly or otherwise doing their part to perpetuate these stale stereotypes and destructive, ridiculous myths. 

The youngest, a fresh-faced and hugely ambitious pilot, finagles her way to the base in Germany in order to meet and hopefully impress the Major, who holds the key to her goal of flying the newest and most sophisticated plane a women pilot could fly.  Air Force pilots are still restricted from serving in combat roles, so they are forced to fly freighters, rescue planes and cargo, much to their chagrin.

Dont Ask Dont Tell

The Major has been down this road before with other equally ambitious pilots, but she sees something else in this one and she bets the farm on her, while her own ambitions to prove her self in her own insecure position play havoc on her relationship with the third woman, the administrator and her lover.  She yearns for a real and open relationship with the Major, rather than the persistent policy of don’t ask don’t tell and an actual family.  The Major spirals as the decades of overlook and ignorance change her from driven and brazen to willful and reckless.

All this and a burgeoning relationship for the young pilot with an old school mate who cleverly makes his way to her in Germany by writing an article on the Major for a national newspaper.  Instead of sweeping the pilot off her feet, however, he puts even more pressure on her as she trains on a plane far beyond her experience.

It’s a riveting story and one that seems an unusual choice for a play.  But it’s precisely that which makes it work so well I think. 

Unexpected and inventive characters beautifully written and poignant, persuasive performances set in a world far outside most of your usual theatre-goers experience.  The staging is compelling and elegant, the direction simple and raw, the performances all outstanding, bold and gorgeously real.

I loved this play.  It’s a vivid and important depiction of a place full of contradiction and drama and urgency.  What could be more dramatic than the struggle to contain one’s seething ambitions in the constricted and claustrophobic military world?  Brilliant!!



Brittany Flurry, Karen Harrison, Alani Chock, Brennan Patrick