The Fashion Items the Celebrities Are Donning


Haute Couture is great, and I love a catwalk as much as anyone but let’s face it, there aren’t too many of us swanning around the world fine-tuning our wardrobe by attending endless fashion shows.  When it comes to 21st Century fashion, celebrities are the movers and shakers and Instagram is where we get our fashion sense.  A major ingredient of serious star quality is the ability to look great wearing almost anything.  Seriously, I do believe that there are celebrities out there who could wear a bucket on their head and still look great.  Celebrities, with the help of some very gifted stylists, show us how to wear things that we previously considered out of fashion or just plain ugly. So, it’s time once again to scan Instagram, as if you ever stop, and learn about the latest adventures of celebrities at the frontiers of fashion.

The Turtleneck

My mom once knitted me a turtleneck so tight it felt like hands around my throat and it took me many years to find forgiveness in my heart.  Turtlenecks started off as sportswear back in the first half of the Twentieth Century, but by the fifties and sixties they’d come to suggest intellectual rebellion and beat cool.  There’s a tremendous photograph of Marilyn Monroe wearing a black turtleneck and reading Dostoyevsky and there’s a Beatles album cover where they are all wearing black turtlenecks, cute. 

Kylie Jenner was recently rocking the look on her Instagram and it’s a great look.  This is a good item to wear in the cooler weather seasons; you really don’t want to find yourself sitting in full sun wearing a turtleneck.  When you get the weather right though, it’s a cosy delight.  So easy too, you just pull it on and away you go.  There’s also a whole range of styles for you to play around with, elongated, asymmetrical, slim fit slouchy, liberate your inner intellectual and have fun.




Maybe you were five the last time you wore one, but jumpsuits are back.  Very much as a style statement, they can work either as a formal substitution for an evening dress or as a casual outfit.  A flared leg is favoured at the moment, but you need choose something to suit your body shape.  A belt is an absolute essential if you don’t want to look like you’ve come to fix the boiler.  Gigi Hadid is rocking a yellow one here.



Thigh High Boots

Julia Roberts did no favours to the thigh high boot when she wore them to signify her role as a prostitute in Pretty Woman, but we are over that now and although thigh highs will always be a little naughty, they no longer suggest that anyone who wears them is an off-duty dominatrix.  Beyoncé pulls them off perfectly, and so can you, all you need is need bootfulls of confidence and the right outfit.

Shady Sunglasses

At the recent Roc Nation Brunch, Jay-Z and Beyonce stunned as usual with their creative outfits and Jay-Z rocked the Ray-Ban look to prove, as if there was ever any doubt, that sunglasses are timeless.  And if you wear prescription glasses, you don’t need to lose out because Ray-Ban offer most of their classic designs with prescription lenses.