“The Evolution of a Woman” | Shapiro Studio Gallery

Though glass ceilings-shattered stand alongside obvious inequality, achievements and evolution are still to be celebrated. 

Laurie Shapiro offers us a moment to breathe and take stock of a world in which women hold the highest political positions than ever before here in the United States. Shapiro Studio Gallery takes a moment to celebrate and gather women in Shapiro’s first ever official exhibition, “The Evolution of a Woman.“

Featuring an all-female artist lineup, the exhibition will feature artists such as Ibuki Kuramochi, Annie Wood, Alexandra Carter, Ilaria De Plano, Lauren Jenkins, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, and Mary Margaret Groves among others. Curated by Olivia Mia Orozco (founder of Performative Pop-Ups), and in collaboration with Laurie Shapiro, “The Evolution of A Woman” seeks to both celebrate the past and fantasize about the future.

“The Evolution of a Woman” is not only spotlighting female perspective (which has historically been underrepresented in the arts community and lineage), but it envisions a world in which women are seen in pure equity and appreciation.

In an ever-evolving world, the art pieces will be evolving up until the March 13, 2021 exhibition opening.

Exhibition: “The Evolution of a Woman”

When:  March 13 – April 11, 2021

Where: Shapiro Studio Gallery (private viewings only)

*There will be a zoom opening with the artists on March 13th at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time featuring a digital performance by Ibuki Kuramochi. 

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