The Best Sports Bars In NoHo

North Hollywood is full of surprises. From fancy cocktail hotspots to some of the most exquisite restaurants in the world, this place has it all. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that NoHo is also home to some amazing sports bars.


Here are the five finest places you can take your friends to grab a beer, watch a match, or sort out your online fantasy league over delicious pub food:

1.  Champs Sports Pub (Burbank Blvd)

Champs is the sort of place that could win you over and make you a regular visitor. It’s got the friendliest staff, the most talented bartenders, and a massive high definition screen for all your games. The place is one of the most popular sports bars in the neighbourhood, and it can get so crowded on weekends or match nights you might have to call ahead to reserve a table.

2.  Big Wangs (5300 Lankershim Blvd)

Don’t let the odd name catch you off-guard. If you’re looking for more than just great drinks and widescreen TV playing your favorite match, this is the place to go. It’s got a limited menu, but the food is absolutely delicious. No one who has ever visited Big Wangs has ever stopped talking about the humongous buffalo wings. Try them!

3.  Tiki No (Lankershim Blvd)

Loud and exciting Tiki No is the perfect spot for a late-night match. If you’re just going to have a beer or a simple shot, this isn’t the place for you. Their signature drinks are called tiki cocktails – complex mixtures with a unique flair and colourful liquids. The decor is a mix of natural grass huts, carved wooden sculptures, and  lava rock pyrotechnics. A visit to Tiki No promises to be an unforgettable evening.

4.  The Park Bar & Grill (Burbank Blvd)

The Park is for sport fans who won’t compromise with pub food or limited menus. It’s got the widest range of grilled meat and burgers, while the homemade chips and salsa are unbelievably tasty. The hospitality is off the charts. Every staff member greets you with a smile and is happy to tell you all about the specials on the drinks and food menu. Try the homemade Jell-O shots, the chocolate stout, or the 100% organic apple cider when you visit. 

5.  Jalapeño Pete’s (Studio City)

Jalapeño Pete’s is absolutely massive with tons of seating space both indoors and out. The light blue hues for all the furniture and wide open spaces make this one of the most welcoming and relaxing sports bars you’ll ever find. Try the exquisite Basura Bowl or buy one, get one drink free if you turn up before 9pm. If you can manage to turn up on odd days when the place isn’t too crowded, they might just offer you a great deal on the food as well.

These are some of the best sports bars in North Hollywood. Have fun!