The Best Eyewear Trends to Embrace Right Now

The Best Eyewear Trends to Embrace Right Now

Eyewear is no longer just an afterthought or an accompanying accessory in fashion. Instead, eyewear has become a real focal point of the fashion world. The trends seem to change each season, and you’ll often see these trends displayed on the fashion runways of New York and Paris.

So, what are the best eyewear trends to watch for right now? The following are some favorites.

Clear and White Frames

While the trend of bolder frames is still very much in place, so is something newer and that’s clear or white glasses. In particular, clear frame glasses are a huge trend in eyewear.

Clear frames give you a minimal look and feel, and they’re really elegant as well as being fashionable.

A few things to love about clear frames include the fact that many pairs are unisex, they’re modern, and they’re good for a wide variety of situations. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of clear frames, or with white.

Pops of Color

On the opposite end of the eyewear spectrum from clear frames are frames found in bold, vibrant colors. These frames can give you a fresh look and also make a statement. Retailers like The Glasses Gallery are offering frames in unique colors like forest green and plenty of other options.

These are great for reading glass frames in particular because you can change out your colors to suit your mood and your outfit.

Along with green think about hot pink or bold blues.


A lot of people feel like they have to go with either a rounded frame or a rectangular option, but what about a hybrid? Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have been making the rounded-rectangular frame shape popular. It works well for pretty much any face shape including angular and round faces.

With this distinctive shape, the top of the glasses is curved a bit, and there’s a hint of angularity as well that can be flattering for round faces.


If you’re willing to be even more forward-thinking in your selection of eyewear, particularly sunglasses, you can follow the hexagon trend.

Many of the biggest sunglass designers are going for the hexagon shape in their frames, and there’s option to go with something that’s bold and attention grabbing with a thicker frame, or you can do something that’s more subtle such as what Ray-Ban offers in terms of hexagons. The frames are thinner and have gentler lines and angles.

Speaking of thin wire frames, that in and of itself is a big eyewear trend right now, even if you don’t go with a hexagon shape.

Finally, retro-inspired eyewear continues to be a big favorite of trendsetters. Think about tortoise shell glasses, or of course the thin, metal frames we mentioned above. Very round frames are also chic as are oval frames. Even the oversized aviators of the 1980s are making a big comeback.

Of course, always remember that no matter the eyewear trends, the most important things to keep in mind when selecting glasses are fit and quality. Those are features that will stand the test of time.