The Benefits and Use of Gavita Cables

Gavita is one of the most trusted names in horticultural lighting. The company manufactures an array of products, from LED lights and lamps to reflectors, master controllers, and more. Greenhouse growers and indoor farmers alike find that it’s easy to set up lighting using Gavita’s high-quality, plug-and-play systems, but they’ll need to purchase specialized cables that allow them to connect fixtures together.

Uses for Gavita Cables

It’s common to see indoor growers using Gavita cables to create links between grow lights. Once all the lights and cables are set up, growers can control every unit in the system using just one Gavita master controller. To accomplish this goal, indoor farmers will need a few types of cables:

Gavita Interconnect Cables

Gavita interconnect cables make it easy to daisy chain light fixtures together. They’re designed specifically for this purpose and feature RJ14 fixtures designed for use with the plugs on Gavita lights and ballasts.

Gavita Master Controller Cables

The plugs in Gavita’s master controllers are configured a little differently from those found on individual light fixtures. As a result, growers will need to purchase a dedicated Gavita master controller cable to hook up the light array to the master controller itself.

Gavita Temperature Probe Cables

Most growers who use Gavita lighting systems also install the company’s high-quality temperature probes. The probe comes with its own specialized cabling to connect it to the master controller. As with interconnect cables, temperature probe cables are designed to meet a very specific need and are not interchangeable with master controller cables.

Gavita Power Cords

Gavita’s high-quality LED grow lamps draw far less electricity than their less advanced counterparts, but they still need a power source. Growers can purchase Gavita power cords and extension cords that will allow them to place lights and master controllers wherever they need them instead of worrying about how close they are to the nearest outlets.

The Benefits of Using Gavita Cables

For growers that use Gavita lighting systems, it’s always best to purchase all accessories from the same trusted brand. Buying only Gavita cables ensures that the lighting system will function exactly as intended. Given how important it is to keep plants on consistent light cycles, all indoor growers should focus on optimizing the reliability of their systems by purchasing specialized accessories designed specifically for use alongside the light fixtures and master controllers they have chosen to use.

There’s a second benefit to choosing Gavita cables, and lighting systems more generally. This company focuses exclusively on manufacturing high-quality grow light systems, which means they’ve got an edge on competitors with broader product lines. Every element of a Gavita lighting system is designed with the end-user in mind, so all the components can be strung together using plug-and-play fixtures, and cables are available in sizes ranging from 0.6 to 3 meters to maximize efficiency.

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Gavita grow lamp products and accessories fall among the top favorites among serious indoor and greenhouse farmers and growers. Investing in this powerful technology is a great way to take any indoor cultivation project to the next level, but make sure to purchase Gavita lights and products from a reputable vendor. It’s best to find a vendor that specializes in selling equipment and supplies for greenhouses and indoor grow rooms or tents.

Author: nohoarts