The 3 Dreamiest Wedding Venues in Arizona

Photo by Gillian Harrison:
Photo by Gillian Harrison:

Many little girls and boys dream about their perfect wedding attire years before that day comes. As we grow up, the original idea might stick to us or change completely, especially when our friends of similar age start tying the knot and giving us ideas of what we would like to wear when it’s our turn. 

So, while we won’t say that the wedding gown/suit part is easy, we could say that it’s definitely something we at least have in mind. This probably cannot be said for the wedding venue, however. Most of us probably have a church in mind and know there should be a place to dance in celebration afterwards. But in reality there are so many choices, it could get overwhelming. 

And it’s not just that. The venue is often considered the most important thing, as it sets the tone of most other things. Once you set the location, you can derive the style of your dream day, the clothes you and your guests should be wearing, the type of food that should be served and so on. No pressure at all, right?

In the next few lines, we’ll try to help. If you live in Arizona, or you decided to have your wedding there because of the great weather, we will try to make your life easier by choosing the best places to walk down the aisle. 

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

We start our list with something that could be called a traditional choice, connected with the history of the state itself. Hacienda Del Sol is located in the Sonoran desert, it has a wonderful view of mountains and amazing gardens. You can find all these beauties of Arizona, in one place. 

The future couple here is not limited as there are not one but three event areas they could choose for their ceremony and celebration. One of them, the Courtyard, is perfect for those who would like to say their wedding vows under the open sky or moonlight. 

The Icehouse

For those who would like a place with history but a little bit more unusual, we suggest the Ice house, located in Phoenix. As the name suggests, this venue used to be an ice factory, much needed before the invention of refrigerators. Afterwards, it was used as the police department’s evidence locker. 

Since this might not sound so glamorous, we would like to stress that today it’s used as an Art Gallery and its most beautiful part is probably the room without the roof that looks like a gorgeous old church. This is probably why it’s called the cathedral room and the reason why so many couples to find it perfect for walking down the aisle. 

Its location is beautiful, but also practical. It is a pretty easy place to find and travel to, as it is in the Downtown Phoenix warehouse districts, so your guests won’t have any trouble finding the place. But it also means that during the preparation of your wedding, you will be in the heart of it all. That means easy access to other things you need to choose and rent or buy. From finding the right clothes and shoes, to buying the jewelry you need for the day and the rest of your life. 

Tre Bella

Tre Bella is a venue that also has historical value and beauty, as it is located in the heart of Mesa’s Downtown. Much like the venues from the previous lines, it can be described as gorgeous and unique, as well as a true example of Arizona spirit. What it also is, and the places we mentioned before are not so much, it’s – affordable. 

Imagine getting married in a place that has original hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. This is what Tre Bella has to offer. Also, you can choose between an outdoor and indoor courtyard and there is of course a large space for upto 200 guests to party and celebrate your love  after the wedding vows are spoken. 

The team behind this place is not only thinking how to help you save money, but also how to help you be stress free. For example, they made sure all the taxes are included in the price, so that you are clear with how you are spending your budget. 

To Conclude 

The Grand Canyon state has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauties. Same goes for the wedding venues located there. This is why choosing only 3 wasn’t an easy job, but we tried to select the best and the most diverse places for you.