Thanks for All the Dance and LOVE, Movement Lifestyle.


After 10 years we say: “See you soon.” Movement Lifestyle is moving on.

Movement Lifestyle. Movement. mL. Our happy place. This mighty NoHo dance studio has provided unique, specialized, professional dance training to thousands of dancers from every part of the planet. They’ve launched careers. They’ve brought new, established and international choreographers to the NoHo Arts District. They’ve developed a stellar work-study program to help dancers discover what they’re best at and how to run a successful dance studio. They’ve created a home for dancers to learn. They’ve made a safe place to meet new, lifelong friends in a city of more than 10 million people.

They’ve been a proud member of our one-square-mile arts district for 10 years and, because of COVID, they must close their doors.

As always, Shaun Evaristo is kind, thinking about the dance community and creatively looking toward the future.

For me and my dancer exchange programs, Movement Lifestyle has been an example of what a dance studio should be. Since 2014 I have had dancers from all over the world take class at mL and learn different styles with new choreographers. I’ve worked with them and the Gentle Ladies to create specialized classes to train my summer dancers. I am grateful for the training and the care they’ve taken with my dancers. But how can any business survive six months with no income and continuing expenses? They can’t. Movement Lifestyle did everything in their power to keep their studio. This is a huge problem. We are the NoHo ARTS District. We are the NoHo DANCE District. And we’ve just lost one of our coveted dance studios.

Our dance studios, theaters and local creative businesses are an economic catalyst. We even explained it in our last dance post.

So my plea to everyone is where your mask. The sooner our numbers drop the faster we can do our rolling opens. We are not messing around. WEAR YOUR MASK!

Here’s a clip from our last dancer showcase at Movement Lifestyle. Thank you for all the memories, sweat, fun and pure joy you have given us.

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