Tell Your Story Your Way, with Evocative Photos You Already Have

While some organizations offer photo book creation services, it is still vital to learn a few things about making photo books that will openly declare that it is yours. The design and arrangement should be successful in showing that it’s all about you and your story.

Ideas on how to make a personalized photo book 

If you are like other people who love taking and sharing photographs, then it is safe to assume that most of your photo collections are uploaded on your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and other sites.

Looking at them from time to time makes you recall memories. However, there is a big difference between looking at them on a computer or phone screen and holding printed photographs. And when you use them for your photo books, the tactile experience increases.

Here are the steps on how to get started.  

Pick a specific topic

Take stock of your photo collection, and if possible, segregate them into individual categories so that you can find the particular photos you will need for each topic you identify. Do not be confined to the usual themes. It is essential to think of what story you want to tell outside of regular birthdays, holidays, weddings, or a new baby. You can create a photo book about anything you love, such as hobbies, your favorite season, day-to-day activities, the random people you meet, or unusual objects.

Organize the images

The main focus is your photos. Thus, you should choose the best images from your collection. Since you already have a topic, you should be critical and choose the most impressive photos from each set. There might be photos that you want to play around with, crop, improve contrast, or enhance colors on. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with the photos before using them. Choosing them without any editing could be a better way to present them, too. For instance, Instagram users can create an Instagram photo book with the robust, intuitive platform which guides you in creating a photo book that will be uniquely yours, making an excellent gift or keepsake.

Choose the type of photo book you like

You can print the photo book you create on Instagram on silk or deluxe paper. You can also choose a soft or hard cover depending on the number of pages you want. The covers are in different colors, so you can coordinate the color of the cover and embellishments you want to add to the pages.

Get ready to tell your story

Since it is your story, you have the option to tell it any way you like. Choose the images carefully and group them accordingly. You can have images that feature various textures, focus on color tones, similar perspectives, and subjects. Moreover, you can arrange photos according to their timeline.

You can do so many things when creating a photo book to tell your story. Ensure that you choose the right pictures. Use short but descriptive text. Employ a simple layout, and think of the personalized title to make your photo book unique.


Author: nohoarts