Home Editorials Using Socials to Promote Your Podcast: Where to Even Start?

Using Socials to Promote Your Podcast: Where to Even Start?

Using Socials to Promote Your Podcast: Where to Even Start?

Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways to munch on content and get information on any topic you can think of. They’re incredibly popular and have also been around for quite some time (any Joe Rogan fans here?). The market is huge. Nowadays, you can create a podcast about absolutely anything, as long as there’s some kind of audience for it.

So if you love storytelling, baking or reading, you can create The Storytelling Show or the Bread Baking show, and no one can stop you. Of course, if you do start a podcast, you likely want people to listen to it, other than your friends and family, right?

There are many different ways you can make your podcast be seen, and more importantly, heard, but one of the best is social media because, as it turns out, podcast listeners are also avid social media users. Recent findings show that 82.4%  of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to a podcast while 64% of them check their socials at least “several times a day”.  So, there is hope.

If you’ve never promoted anything before, let alone a podcast, this post will cover all the best tips and strategies for getting your podcast seen and downloaded as many times as possible, and maybe hopefully listed on Spotify or iTunes’ new heavy list.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely and Find Your Audience

While it might be tempting to join as many social media platforms as possible to promote your podcast, that’s rarely a smart move unless your brand happens to bathe in a lot of resources.

Your audience most likely uses two or more social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn. The key is picking socials that will work best for getting the word out about your show. Obviously, that’s no easy job. You need to consider all the factors and find out what is best suited for both your personality and show and as a beginner focusing all your efforts on a single platform is the answer.

Naturally, what you can manage will be different if you’ve got a support team who looks after your socials for you. But if it’s only you behind the scenes, there’s no point in doing a bunch of things poorly when you can do one thing really well.

Instagram Marketing

Picking Instagram as marketing means for your podcast can be a daunting feat. The entire platform is so visually-based that it can be challenging to see how your show fits into the framework, not to mention using Instagram as a way to market and grow your podcast.

Contrary to many new and untried beliefs, Instagram is not just about taking an artsy picture of your dinner or snapping a selfie – it’s so much more. Since everyone on earth spends the majority of their time on socials via mobile, Instagram is a great way to target podcast listeners.

●          Craft a Bio That is On-Brand

Once you’ve got your account up running, hop on over to your bio and let your creative juices flow. Your Instagram Bio is the first thing that Instagrammers see when they come to your feed. It simply helps them decide whether or not it’s worth their time to follow along, so don’t forget to link to your podcast.

●          Create Audio Story Highlights with Your Podcast

Instagram gives you even more opportunities to grab the attention of new listeners. Not only can they find your account on the explore page, but it also allows you to create magic story highlights right on your profile. This gives your followers the chance to catch up on what’s new with your show and look back over previous episodes that might pique their curiosity. Stories can be both audio and visual, which means you can even create an audiogram, a reel, or live and share them conveniently, making it a great tool to further market your podcast.

Facebook Marketing

Don’t go blind. The secret to successful Facebook marketing is a concrete strategy. First, make sense of what exactly you want to accomplish from promoting your podcast on this platform. What are your goals? Patreon donors? More subscribers or monthly listens?

Once you’ve sorted out your goals, you’re ready to create your podcast page and clip down the best segments for video soundbites. That’s right, instead of uploading your entire podcast and saying, “go for it”, you’ll want to highlight key pieces of your podcast with soundbites. The platform recommends keeping your video around 15 seconds – not minutes, but seconds! Up to 30 is ideal for a podcast snippet.

•            Create Images with Podcast Quotes

Take some key quotes from your latest shows and drag them into bright text-heavy images. You can come up with a promo post for each episode with an engaging image and a funny quote from the show. What makes them ideal for your podcast marketing is that it will leave the Facebook followers wanting to fill in the gap by listening to the show.

Content is King: Share What’s Valuable 

Ultimately, we believe that your passion and ambition for any project is what truly sets you apart from other podcasts that just “upload episodes” every week. Followers recognize that you truly care about something, and that’s what raises growth.

It’s that simple: If you care, they care. Beyond creating content that’s drawn directly from your episodes, you can also create content that is relevant but not excessively promotional. Remember, you have to create as many opportunities as possible for your followers to spend time on your podcast.

Once you have a few episodes under the belt, consider creating a blooper reel of edits and get edgy with the edits. Posting great stories in videos like this will help you build enjoyment and anticipation even before an episode comes out.

Hopefully, with these strategies, you are on track for creating the social campaigns of your podcasting dreams. So don’t waste any more time. If you’ve got great stories, a good voice and unique quests, start promoting your podcast on socials and making your brand the most entertaining corner of the internet there is. 

Author: nohoarts