Tangie, Living Life as an Angel

Heaven HI Productions presents: “Tangie, Living Life as an Angel”

Running from September 24th through October 29th at The Secret Rose Theatre. 

One woman shows are notoriously difficult to pull off…. We all think we have stories or lives worthy of others attention or even their money but it just isn’t as simple as that. 

You might well have a fascinating story, funny and compelling and important, but without the ability to transform that story into a play, a performance, even the most fascinating life, just won’t translate.

“Tangie” is a perfect example of how story, life and performance can magically come together and create something wonderful.

Written and performed by Tangie Ambrose, an actress of formidable abilities, this beautifully wrought and passionately performed piece is full of a life’s experience, wisdom, sadness, understanding and fulfilment.  Tangie takes us on her long and winding path as she struggled to understand what her life means and how her world is formed around her. 

Tangie shares her life with us.  Her journey into this world and then her journey on it.  She introduces us to her complex and inspirational family.  She brings us into the experiences of her own children in such a profoundly intimate and powerful way that I confess I was moved to tears. Her life seems to have been touched by so many and in turn, she touches so many others with positivity, with love and with a very special talent to communicate that makes this play, and it is indeed a play, work so brilliantly.

To tell you all that she tells us would take away from the purpose of it I think, so I won’t do that.  But I will say this, I sat, together with many others, in a small theatre in NoHo on a sleepy Sunday afternoon and was transported by this extraordinary woman’s work.  I genuinely felt as if I had experienced something uplifting and life-enhancing…and I was not at all prepared for that!

If you read my reviews you can probably tell that I have a lot of enthusiasm for theatre.  I always support the very best of what a play has to offer and tend to appreciate the enormous effort it takes to just show up. But believe me when I say that this play, this one-woman performance of a life is something that I won’t soon forget. ”Tangie” really is that good.  

Tangie Ambrose has written her heart and for the next few Sundays at 4 and 8 pm you can see her lay it out before you in the most loving, open and fearless way imaginable.

And yes, there are angels…

Running from September 24th through October 29th at The Secret Rose Theatre, 11246 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601. Sundays at 4 pm and 8 pm

Written by Tangie Ambrose

Directed by Dwayne Barnes


Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.


  1. An experience that takes you to unexspected levels relatable, and non relatable. A raw, unpolished truth revealed with no filters. She makes room for your feet to fit in her shoes. While she takes you on a journey.

    I am still applauding her, when I hear from her, hear or mention her name. An excellent show. Way to go! Tangie Ambrose. Awesome!