Tales of Modern Motherhood – This Sh*t Just Got Real

The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Tales of Modern Motherhood – this Sh*t Just Got Real”

A special Mother’s Day performance, one night only.

Writer/Performer Pam Levin has been touring this solo show for the past year to great success, on both coasts. And to be honest, the success does not surprise me.

Solo shows are a very specific art.  Not all actors can pull them off and fewer still can do so with material as extremely intimate, honest and downright maternally brutal as Pam Levin does in her “Tales of Modern Motherhood.” 

Pam pulls no punches as she relates to us the moments in her life that mean the most, good and bad.  As she charms us with her humor and her shimmying, she shares artfully curated stories from her life that lead us up to the theme of the show, motherhood.  Pam never planned on having children, she was far too busy, too focused on her career and a little too scared.  But, just like the rest of us, when life comes calling, you grab it by the whatevers and get on with it.

Pam has the kind of warm and powerful personality that not only fills the stage, it fills the entire block!  She communicates her life so beautifully with the audience, flirting, playing and cajoling us all into her world.  This isn’t Pam’s first foray into the solo genre, oh no.  She calls herself a veteran and she is, having paid her dues all over the world touring her previous show, “The Quiet Room,” for which she was awarded the Los Angeles ADA award for best Solo Production.  So we are dealing with a stalwart professional here!

This show is funny, touching, fearless and very cleverly constructed.  One story flows into another as we wend our way through Pam’s colorful existence.  She teases out each laugh and tear from the audience with the cunning that only a mother would have.   Her stories of parental disasters are chilling in their familiarity to all of us long suffering and long loving parents.  I cannot tell you how many times I have wept and laughed at the same time since having kids. Pam shares my pain and my loves with her big heart and her refreshing candor.  Her own birth story is totally relatable and hilariously truthful…we all feel your pain, my dear!!

But this show is more than funny stories and shocking confessions.  “Tales of Modern Motherhood” is what we all would love to say about our struggles being parents, partners and being human.  She speaks what we feel and that is why it works so well.  Pam is us, heart and soul and sleepless nights and no regrets.

I absolutely loved this show. If you happen to have the opportunity to catch Pam Levin and her “Tales of Modern Motherhood” then treat yourself, this show is too wonderful to pass up. You can follow the tour on talesofmodernmotherhood.com

Bravo Pam! I’m right there with you!!

Written and performed by Pam Levin

Produced by Brett Winn and Fred Levin

Publicity by Anita J. Lee and Sandra Kuker PR

Directed by Mark Hatfield

Lighting by Mark Hatfield

Stage Manager – David Svengalis

Assistant Stage Manager – Scott Sanders

Graphic Designer – Stewart Hopewell

Website Design – Tom Bloczynski

Technical Director – Collin Mulligan

Photography –

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.