Switching to e-cigs, good for your healthy and your wallet

There are many reasons e-cigarettes have skyrocketed in popularity; a healthier alternative  to traditional cigarettes, the great tasting flavors, lack of pungent smell and the fact that they are far more socially acceptable than tobacco cigarettes, and the cost. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes also have many choices of flavors and techniques.


Smoking is not only harmful, but a largely expensive habit. By switching to e-cigarettes, your health will benefit along with your wallet from all the money you will save, especially if you are a pack-a-day smoker.         

At present, e- cigarettes are not subjected to the same high taxes that their tobacco counterparts are, and a “sin tax” doesn’t apply to these devices. This means that there is no price rise and the market value can be competitive without being overpriced.

The major expense of a vape is the initial device. After that, you only need to buy e-liquid, flavors and cartridges. A few drops of e-liquid is equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes. Within a few months you will notice the difference in your wallet.

There are many types of vape products on the market. Since you want to invest on a device that will last you and save you money in the end, let’s discuss the options.

  1. Starter kits– This device is best for the beginner or the smoker who just gradually want to reduce it because its power is low. It works best with all types of e-liquid, the best among those with the composition of 70% Propylene Glycol (P.G) and 30% Vegetable Glycerine (V.G).                           
  1. Pen-style kits– These have a slightly higher power output ratio than the starter kits. Those who are just bored of starter kits might enjoy this one more, these kits are all the same pen like structure. This product works on two detailed version MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung). 
  1. Pod kits– This version works with both MTL and sub ohmic property, providing you sufficient satisfaction. They are light and easy to use. There are many types to choose from. There are refillable and pre-filled pods. The main difference being refillable allows you to buy the liquid and you fill the pods yourself, giving you more control of the flavor and quantities.  
  1. Vape Mods- This is a high powered vaporizer that offers adjustable temperature, sub ohm functionality and higher vapor production. Not recommended for starters. For those looking to save even more, you can find the Vaptio Cosmo Vape Kit on sale here. This model offers a personalized vaping experience with multiple power options and an innovative airflow adjustment system. 
  1. Sub-ohm kits– A new product, barely just hitting the market now. Sub ohm kits provide a direct to lung vaping experience. It’s absolutely not for the beginner like the previous kits mentioned. The nicotine delivery is relatively faster to your mind than the standard vape. It produces thicker clouds than ordinary kits, much stronger nicotine concentration, and a greater range of kit versions.
  1. Rebuildable / Mechanical mods– These come with almost the same kind of visualization. The acronym “RBA” stands for Re Buildable Atomizers, there are two kinds of these RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) and RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers). One can build their own coils, the main advantage and smoke it desirebly. Today RBAs are used by professionals who want to tune their vaping to their exact need and those who wish to vape as cheaply as possible.  

These are not for the light smoker and are more complex and hard to work with. This device supplies pure battery power to the atomizer, suitable for the skilled smoker.

  1. Squonk mods– finally, welcome to the new world of squanking,! Squonking is a recently popularized, innovative vaping method, a hybrid design of standard kits and an RDA. It offers the same mechanics as rebuildable  and mechanical mods, but Instead of dripping, squonk mods rely on an internal e-juice with a simple squeeze the e-liquid lets upward to RDA. It’s very easy to use, not as complex as the RBAs.