Sunglasses – The Ultimate Fashion Statement of this Day and Age

Nothing we use today combines functionality with style like sunglasses.

Watches can be a strong contender, but if you really want to create a statement with a watch, it better be worth six figures. Sunglasses, on the other hand, can make that possible at a fraction of the course, and they obviously serve a greater purpose than the watches, like seriously man, you can see time on your phone, but that slab of glass cannot shade your eyes from the UV rays in the sunlight. You can buy Police Sunglasses, Dior Sunglasses, or the newly launched Oakley Latch within $300, and they sure send a message of your taste and class.

If you are looking to get a starting point to get sunglasses or if you want to upgrade/change yours, here’s some free advice that you need to keep in mind while buying glasses for yourself.

What Are the Types of Sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be classified in two ways; according to their frame or according to their lenses. There are three main kinds of lenses used in sunglasses. These are available with all the major brands, like Police Sunglasses and Dior Sunglasses.

  • Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are the simplest and consequently the cheapest of sunglasses lenses. These lenses are made by infusing the glass with a colored dye. The color that is mostly black, green, or dark brown stops the majority of the light from reaching the eyes and consequently makes it comfortable to work and drive in bright sunlight, which can otherwise lead to headaches and eye problems.

  • Polaroid Lenses

If you turn things up a notch and decide to get a better version of sunglasses, you can get the ones with Polaroid lenses. These lenses shift the phase of the light passing through them, and therefore the resultant light has no glare that disturbs the eyes, and the scene remains still bright. These types of lenses are great for nighttime use, as they can reduce the glare of the headlamps of oncoming traffic without darkening the scene and make driving at night all the more comfortable.

  • Photosensitive lenses

It is the top tier of sunglasses lenses. These lenses are clear in the dark, but when light falls on them, it turns them dark, hence, decreasing the amount that can pass through them. These glasses can be used for day and night and cost the most of all types of sunglasses lenses.

On the basis of the frame, sunglasses can be divided into the following categories

  • Plastic Frames

Plastic frames usually cost the least but are very convenient. They are lightweight and are comfortable for use over extended periods of constant use. They put a lesser strain on your ears and nose, but they are not as sturdy and durable as the metallic ones.

  • Metallic Frames

Metallic sunglasses frames are strong and durable and generally relatively expensive, but they are uncomfortable for use over long periods of continuous use.

  • Light-Weight Metallic Frames

Lightweight metallic sunglasses frames are made of alloys of aluminum and titanium. They are lighter than the other ones and generally very strong, but all of that comes at a cost and that you have to pay upfront. In an ideal world, these frames are the best for any sunglasses; they have all the qualities you’ll ever need from your sunglasses.

The Top 2 Sunglasses Brands

After learning about some major types of sunglasses, now let’s get you acquainted with these leading manufacturers of sunglasses. 

1)    Dior Sunglasses

Dior is a French Luxury goods company, and it would be enough to describe them by saying that they are a part of Louis Vuitton, the very gold standard of fashion. Dior has been active since 1946, and by then, they make some serious sunglasses that speak sheer luxury. You can enter this brand of sunglasses for a couple of hundred dollars, and there’s no upper limit. They can cost as much as you’d like them to. Dior Sunglasses are frankly more of a luxury than utility, but they’ll sure give you comfort and style when you wear them. If you are feeling reluctant to buy Dior, here are some of the things about this brand that will make you spend next month’s rent on a pair of sunglasses and live on the street for a month.

ü  Dior translates to sheer luxury. Think of the most luxurious thing you know and double that amount of luxury, and you get Dior.

ü  Dior uses the highest end lenses sourced from leading manufacturers like Zeiss and Corning, and the result is lenses that aren’t only lightweight but highly strong and resistant to scratches.

ü  They do not only look great but also are very comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

ü  They are made to last. Dior puts a lot of research not only into the design but also the functionality of the glasses. They are made of the finest available materials and use the latest tech for the hinges so that they can handle hundreds of thousands of openings and closings.

2)    Oakley Latch Sunglasses

Oakley is an auxiliary of Italian design Luxottica and is situated in California. They have been working since 1975 and make sports shades roused from the ones utilized by skateboarders. They start at simply under a hundred dollars. In the event that you need to get shades that are centered around usefulness and sturdiness and are unpretentious, calm, and respectable, Oakley Latch is the brand you need to purchase. Here are the things that make Oakley Latch the best shades for individuals who like to go out and experience.

ü  They are subtle; you won’t even feel you are wearing sunglasses if you have a nice pair of Oakley on.

ü  They are designed to protect your eyes not only from the sun but also from dust and dirt by sealing them from all sides. These glasses are the best for biking, skateboarding, hiking, and all sorts of outdoor activities.

ü  They are stylish but in a way that is more humble than extravagant.

The Bottom Line:

Sunglasses are both a fashion statement and a utility. If you want to go easy on your wallet, you can start with Police, if you want sheer luxury, you need to spend a grand or so on Dior, and if you want utilitarian glasses, Oakley Latch is your dealer.