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Style Meets Sophistication: Four Modern Male Grooming Tips

Style Meets Sophistication: Four Modern Male Grooming Tips

Too rugged for beauty tips? Think again. 

The fact remains: many men are afraid to delve into the world of high-quality skincare or grooming products because they fear handing in their proverbial “man-card.” Keep in mind, however, that modern masculinity is rooted in style and substance: proper grooming will boost your confidence and ensure your skin’s health for the long-haul.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to male grooming, keep the following tips in mind if you’re looking to turn up your confidence and keep yourself looking fresh.

Battling the Beard

Taming facial hair is a huge pain point for many men: from razor burn to ingrown hairs and beyond, you need to be consistent and careful when it comes to choosing products and shaving your face. For starters, keep the following in mind:

  • Warm your face with a hot towel prior to shaving: this works to open up your pores and gives your razor or shaver less work to do
  • Likewise, stop using cheap, disposable razors: invest in a high quality electric shaver that will ultimately prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs
  • Don’t shave everyday: give your skin a time-out every now and then to cut down on break-outs and irritation 

As always, take your time when it comes to taking care of your face, as rushing will only cause you more problems.


Skincare routines aren’t just for the ladies: there’s no shame in wanting clear, beautiful skin regardless of gender. Since most men want simple answers when it comes to what to do for their skin, stick to the following straightforward routine:

  • Regularly moisturize and wash your face, morning and night (consider limited ingredient products to avoid chemical irritants)
  • Keep your diet in check: avoiding sugar and staying hydrated can do wonders for your skin
  • Avoid alcohol-based products which can dry out your skin and bring out the presence of wrinkles 

Keeping your face clear doesn’t have to be a headache: sticking to a routine with proper products combined with a clean diet can transform your appearance in a matter of days.

Helping Your Hair

Preventing or slowing down baldness is the elephant in the room for many men. Dealing with potential baldness is a two-way street: you can either embrace it or simply do what you can to prevent further hair loss.

For example, you should try to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible and stop using rough combs that could irritate your scalp. Furthermore, let your hair dry naturally versus using a blow-dryer which can, unsurprisingly, damage or dry out your hair. Finally, stop using cheap, drug-store brand haircare products and start spending a bit more on natural options: harsh chemicals found in discount brands can quickly breakdown your hair follicles.


As noted earlier, diet can play a significant role in your skincare routine. On the same note, there are supplements you can take daily that are noted to help with the following areas of your appearance:

  • Fish oil can help fight against skin inflammation, acne and wrinkles
  • Biotin is noted to help encourage healthy hair growth
  • Evening primrose oil is often promoted as a natural means of combating hair loss: furthermore, much like fish oil, can fight acne and skin irritation 

Of course, consider any potential side effects of such supplements and consult with your doctor before starting any sort of regular supplement routine. Such items can be purchased on the cheap and are rather common: although not necessary a replacement for a regular grooming routine, they may be worth looking into depending on your situation.

Having a solid grooming routine is paramount for your long-term well-being: by investing in high quality products and establishing healthy habits, you’d be surprised at just how much you can improve your appearance in no-time.

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