Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back with The Trip to Greece

It’s been three years since The Trip to Spain, where we were left wondering about the fate of Steve Coogan (though if you saw the excellent Stan and Ollie, you know the man’s been working).

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back with The Trip to Greece, playing versions of themselves (exaggerated, generally amusing, occasionally unflattering) on an ostensible culinary tour with some nods to history, and historical sites along the way. As with the other films (this is the fourth, beginning with 2010’s The Trip, followed in 2014 by The Trip to Italy and the aforementioned 2017 Trip to Spain)the journey gives them the opportunity to rhapsodize over the various sumptuous dishes, trade impressions and insults and general one-upmanship, and share obscure historical nuggets. And as with the previous Trips, besides the witty repartee, there are the serious undertones which shadow but don’t necessarily dampen the proceedings. Here though, while the byplay is just as clever and entertaining (including riffs on Marathon Man Tootsie, and Werner Herzog, and Coogan’s vanity), the subplot (connected with Coogan’s anxious calls back home) do take more precedence than in previous installments. The net result is that there doesn’t seem to be as much joy on display (as a Greek, I was hoping for a little more pleasure aimed at the Hellenic treats—or at the wonders of the country), and too much time is devoted to the “gratuitous weightiness.” The boys have been down that road before, and some of the concerns here have been explored in earlier versions. So…while I enjoyed The Trip to Greece, it feels af if the series has just stopped, rather than “ended.” Maybe there will be another…

Mike Peros
Author: Mike Peros

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