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Steampunk Magic Theatre

Steampunk Magic Theatre

What is Steampunk Magic Theatre?
Steampunk Magic Theatre was created by storyteller magician Brandon Scott, inspired by the sci-fi Steampunk revolution of artistic expressionism. Steampunk is hybrid sub-genre of science fiction and an alternative history of the 19th century. It refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures, that have developed from the aesthetics of steampunk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design retro-futuristic inventions as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them.

What gave you the idea to do the show?
I have always been intrigued by the Renaissance and Victorian eras and the mysticism behind some of the ancient traveling gipsy type shows; the costuming and spirit of artistic discovery. When creating “Make Believe Reality” I began to combine different art forms from different eras. I started to mix music, dance, magic, vaudeville, belly dancing, forms of Commedia and visuals that once interwoven didn’t really have a generic label to identify them. The organic hybrid nature of Steampunk seemed to be the perfect genera to suit the style of “Make Believe Reality.”

What is your background?
I have an overall background as actor and producer in theatre, television and film. For several years now I have been a featured magician at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts. I have created and produced films and documentaries and several dozen of theatrical, corporate and Las Vegas shows in English and in Spanish for children and adults. Amongst these are: “The “Zorka’s Magic Garage Sale”, ”URA”,”The Magic Cabaret”, “The Forest of Tra-La-La”, a “Treat of Tricks” for Knott’s Berry Farm, the” Excitement” series for numerous casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno, “Alien Secrets The Movie” and many others. My last two productions at the Actors Forum Theatre, “Out Of Thin Air’ and “Dejavu 2”, inspired me to create a whole new show to bring to the community. I am a member of Audrey M. Singer’s Actors Forum Theatre’s workshop which has giving me a wonderful opportunity to develop new concepts and mount them for the stage.

What makes “Make Believe Reality” unique?
I am always looking for ways to integrate stories and magic together. Ways in which I can take something old and something new and create something out of nothing. As a matter of fact one of the songs I wrote for the show “ Something Old, Something New” was inspired by this process.

By adding a story and a Steampunk style setting, “Make Believe Reality” takes what could have been a vaudeville or cabaret magic show into an exciting realm of theatrical adventure. Time traveling troubadour gypsies from an enchanted forest get trapped in time after a time-quake in the 19th century and have been meandering through time trying to find the rest of their family members and a way back home. In their travels Willowood , the character I play, has been collecting mystical objects that seem to posses strange powers which he uses along with this sisters Saahira and Parizad to both entertain and keep their personal mystical skills in practice. There is lots of music in the show played by Billy Revel, Larry Lederman and Kenny McGil whose characters are also members of the time lost troubadour family. Larry Lederman , also a members of the Actors Forum Theatre in Noho, adds a great comedic touch to the production. In the show, I myself play a little bit of guitar, piano, flute and the Didjeridu.

Throughout the show , there is a sense of spontaneous creation as the audience interactively makes improvised choices that keeps the troupe on their toes ready to go in any of numerous plot directions.

Steampunk Magic Theatre

What made you decide to be a magician?

I became a magician at the age of 4. By the age of 5 I was already performing magic in kindergarten wearing a purple tuxedo and called myself the Purple Wizard. I began acting and learning music as a kid thanks to the support of my parents who were academic professors with great affinity to the arts.

So what’s coming up for you?
I am looking forward to developing this show further into a full blown musical. Adding innovative special effects and new found interesting talents. The idea behind Steampunk Sunday’s is an opportunity to have guest artists join the production on any given Sunday, integrated as members of the time lost family. Who know maybe in the next show we may even find one in our audience.

I look forward to our communities support for theatre and invite all those who are extra adventurous to come dressed in their favorite Victorian or Steampunk costume.

“Make Believe Reality” Steampunk Sundays
Written by Brandon Scott
Produced by Audrey M. Singer in association with Brandon Scott and Magic Tree Productions

Sept 28, Oct 5 and Oct 12 at 7pm.

The Actors Forum Theatre
10655 Magnolia Blvd.
NOHO 91601
818- 506 -0600

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