STEAM comes to the NoHo Library

NoHo Library uses STEAM to entice children into the library

Our NoHo Library is pretty cool. Yes, we use that word to describe the folks that take care of our library and make it a safe, enriching and FUN place to be. Not only do they do books, they do educational events that are heavy on fun. They’re doing four events over the next four months all about STEAM. What? They’re librarian explains more.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics”. For the past couple of decades or so, there has been a push for more STEM based learning and proficiency among students. Originally, educators set STEM based learning as a priority in schools, after a series of reports in the mid 1980s had shown that many American children were lacking in these arenas. Eventually, educators realized that students needed more than the cut and dry methods of STEM learning in schools; rather creativity and informal learning environments were a necessary and missing component. Thus, STEAM began, and libraries across the nation have participated on all levels to make STEAM topics more exciting and fun.

“The Los Angeles Public Library participates in a program called “Full STEAM Ahead,” and here at North Hollywood Public Library, we have taken upon ourselves to become a Deluxe STEAM branch. This means that we have committed to offer at least 4 set STEAM programs led by our librarians, and we will also be hosting another series of 4 professional STEAM programs in the near future. Beyond these programs, the library has included an Art Cart on Sundays, inviting children and teens to crafting supplies and a free art project that changes weekly. Additionally, we have a new Sprouts Book Club, where young children and the library have partnered in book sharing and gardening.

Our special set of 4 STEAM programs will take place on the third Tuesday of every month for the next four months, beginning with Feb 16th. Our goal is to provide great information in a fun environment, while encouraging children to ask questions and explore creatively. The first program will be on habitats – with an emphasis on dirt and worms. Children will learn what a habitat is, explore and feel different types of dirt, and make a take-home dirt habitat with a live earthworm to keep! Our future programs will include rocks, with a geode piece to take home; ants and how they live, with a home-made ant farm to bring home; and an action/reaction slime making event, with slime as a going home gift. These programs are perfect for 3 – 9 year olds, and will take place at 5211 Tujunga, North Hollywood, 91601, at 3:30p-4:30p.”

Let’s getting reading, NoHo!

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