Staying Fit Without A Gym Membership

Staying Fit Without A Gym Membership

Achieving that dream physique can be done outside of gym parameters with the right mindset. Find equipment that you could use in your home and find out how you could get fit without leaving your abode.

If you have limited time and struggle to make your way to the gym after work, then why not invest in a few bits for your home? It doesn’t need to be expensive; a gym can be obtained on a budget too. However much you wish to spend, you’ll find a number of ways to start toning up or losing that unwanted fat.

It’s amazing to think that the most effective exercises are ones that can be done almost anywhere. Some of the pillars of strength are push-ups and pull-ups. These involve no big-weights or a huge gymnasium, just motivation and maybe a few props. You may be lucky enough to have a sturdy bar or fixture to do chin-ups from, if not then you’ll easily find one that can be bought online and attached to your door. There are now removable ones too meaning that you just get it out when you’re ready to use it. Also enjoy lebert equalizers or dip bars sure to intensify your bodyweight dips.

  • Pull ups- This exercise targets your back and even works your core and biceps secondary, you can change emphasis depending on your grip.
  • Push ups- The king of chest exercises, something that can be done anywhere and you also have the option of adding different equipment.
  • Dips- Build your arms as you target your triceps, this muscle is 60% of the upper arm meaning it’s more important to work than your biceps. You can also hit your chest in this move too.
  • Cardio 

If you’re willing to invest in machinery then why not get your hands on a treadmill or cross-trainer. They don’t always have to be expensive and you are more likely to get your use out of it when at home. Start your weight-loss journey by doing it right. There are more options that just a treadmill, find a skipping rope or step machines. All these cardio essentials can be found at Argos and you’ll be thrilled to find that you can actually get them for less with Argos discount codes.

Add resistance to your training and remember, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Your body will also continue to torch calories for up to 48 hours after a session unlike running.

If the above doesn’t motivate you then maybe you need a fun activity. You could get yourself a boxing bag or enjoy some running. There are many ways to involve yourself in different activities without joining an expensive gym.

Scrap gym membership and start working on your favourite exercises from home. Find out what it takes to motivate you from sports to DVD’s and take it from there. There’s more than enough great value equipment that can be added to your home and still deliver results.