StART Up Art Fair | The Kinney, Venice, CA 2020

Venice has long been a haven for artists and creativity, as well as a beacon for those who admire and collect creative works.

StARTup LA Art Fair 2020 brings together both creative types and creativity admirers to the Kinney Hotel in Venice, CA.

The brainchild of Ray Beldner, StARTup is a business which seeks to bridge the gap between up-and-coming artists and art lovers.

StARTup Art Fairs are novel experiences and art shows that exhibit nascent artists’ work to passive viewers and active buyers. While the commercial exchange of art for money is a basenote throughout StARTup, the experience of a StARTup Art Fair is as groundbreaking and varied as the artwork itself.

StARTup Art Fairs continue to grow in the feature cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston.

StARTup LA Art Fair 2020 returned to Venice, CA, to The Kinney Boutique Hotel. A three-day art fair spanning from February 14th – 16th, 2020, The Kinney Hotel hosted over 80 artists from around the country in its remarkable and thrilling modern space.

The Kinney is both a casual and impressive contemporary stage for the 60 hand-selected exhibit conversions, performance, and visual art housed in each of its hotel rooms.

Placards outside each hotel room inform StARTup Art Fair guests which artist occupies that room, as music and chatter fills the hallways.

We had the pleasure of viewing Clovis Blackwell’s serigraph print works first, which colorfully tackle apocalyptic themes of growth and perseverance.

Clovis also promptly made us an old fashioned out of his mini-keg, and he and his wife regaled us with his professional trajectory and their love of art. Each hotel room you stepped into provided an intimate space to sit down with every artist and learn about their career path and passion.

StARTup Art Fair provides each viewer the opportunity to vote for a favorite artist of the show.

Brian Allen received my vote. Refreshing but personable, Brian Allen melds street art with classic vision, as he balances the canvas with oil and spray paint. The vibrancy marries well with muted tones of portraiture in fantastical displays of familiar subjects. Allen sets a tone that transports you into a dynamic and powerful realm that is both raw and venerable. Humble and talented, Allen is a talent LA will certainly be graced with in the future.

Art Show:                           

StARTup LA Art Fair 2020


Show Dates:                      

February 14, 2020 – February 16, 2020



The Kinney Hotel

737 West Washington Blvd.

Venice, CA 90292

Raleigh Barrett Gallina
Author: Raleigh Barrett Gallina

Raleigh (Barrett) Gallina from LA ART. Raleigh has been writing for the NoHo Arts District since 2015. Raleigh explores everything from large-scale commercial exhibitions to gratis solo exhibitions showcased by amateur galleries. While her preferences are ever-evolving, her favorite exhibitions include large-scale sculpture or paint, as well as artwork which holds socio-cultural underpinnings. She hopes that by capturing a large array of media and voices (including that of curators and the artists themselves), that readers are able to enjoy and voyeur out of their comfort zones.