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Nancy has many talents and passions.  I first met her when she was president of the North Hollywood Jaycees.  Little did I know she was an internationally known singer and model –  Another example of the talented people that call NoHo their home.

Tell me about your career in Europe

Nancy:  I went to Italy as a model for six weeks and it turned into a musical career that is still going on today. When I arrived in Italy it was a nightmare and I was about to bail out on my six-week adventure when I met a guy named John who listened to my demo. He told me that they loved English singers in Italy and that I should forgot the modeling and try music. So I slept on his floor and he helped me shop my demo. Within a week I sang with a band called OXA, in front of 3,000 kids. It was pretty fantastic but my musical career was up and down, and down and out. I was actually homeless for a few nights and slept on a park bench. But even though it was sometimes rough, Italy was a magical time in my life. I lived there for four years, met some of the most amazing people and got to sing and write on over 30 different projects. I’ve had numerous number one hits in Italy and songs on the charts in France, Japan, and Luxembourg. I was on tour for three years, playing clubs in Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Austria and Croatia. While in Italy I was fortunate enough to share the stage with Jon Bon Jovi, Lisa Stansfield and Ricky Martin. I can’t even begin to explain how much that experience and that career changed my life forever.

Did you have a career first in US?

I was playing with a band called the Thurstons in NYC and then had my own solo project, with an acoustic guitar player. I played some great venues, like CBGB’s and The Knitting Factory and I even opened for Jimmy Dale Gilmore but I wasn’t making a living.

What are you doing now?

I am currently playing with my new band called Dynamite Beat Puppy (DBP).  I was very excited to get this project going in Los Angeles, since I haven’t had a band in L.A. My band members are Jeff Cerar (guitar) Bruce Spiegel (bass) and Christian Feldhake (drums). We play rock originals with a few covers thrown into the mix.

What will you be doing five years from now?

Making original music for TV and films. I love it when I’m hired to write something that is project specific because it normally means there is an emotion or an idea already there and that makes writing music very interesting.

Any advice to new performing artists?

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you how your career will go. The music industry has become this ever changing, crazy monster and no one really knows where it is going. Do what you do, love what you do and just know that it will happen.

What do you like about NoHo?

I love NOHO. It feels like New York City’s lower east side did years ago. More and more great people are moving in all the time. It really is the up and coming artist community of L.A. I also like that you can walk to everything, and you can grab the train too. I can walk to grab a fantastic dinner, go hear music, see a show, go to the movies or have a drink, and never worry about parking. Coming from NYC, having subway access is key.

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