SOLOFEST 2024 March Shows

The Whitefire Theatre will open its 42nd season with SOLOFEST 2024 from January 11 through March 16. 

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – The Whitefire Theatre will open its 42nd season with SOLOFEST 2024 from January 11 through March 16.  

A celebration of the solo journey, SOLOFEST has been recognized as the largest solo festival on the West Coast. This year’s festival program offers premieres and audience favorites live on stage, with some shows available with a stream-on-demand option. SOLOFEST 2024 is hosted by Bryan Rasmussen and Rachael Stein, runs January 11 through March 16.  

Remaining February Shows:

Wednesday, February 28th at 8pm
Written and performed by Gabriella DeMarco, directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, is about a high school dropout who yearns to be a real estate mogul and Airbnb Superhost in the desert. Will a vision board AND a village be enough to manifest Gabriella’s destiny? See the law of attraction in action on this heroine’s adventure. Ages 16+


Thursday, February 29th at 8pm
He was so busy running away to his new life; he didn’t realize that he needed a moment to stop and process it all until his car broke down. Welcher, performed by award-winning actor Jonathan Fishman, is a story of a man searching for understanding…has he gotten anything right so far? Ages 16+

March Shows:

Friday, March 1st at 8pm
When a viral video of a baby girl being separated from her mother at the southern border moves her, Zoe is inspired to find out how exactly it was that her own brown family was able to immigrate to America. Zoe re-visits events in her own life, and her parents’ life at the intersection of race, and identity.  Written and performed by Yelba Zoe McCourt, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson.  Ages 15+

Saturday, March 2nd at 8pm
While eulogizing his father, a son is haunted by defining events in their relationship. He struggles to take on the high-stake question, are we destined to become our fathers, or can we transcend the relationship and become our own man? “We are hunting our fate even while being pursued by it.”  Written and performed by Louie Liberti.  Ages 16+
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MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW I'M KINKY                                                                                                      

Sunday, March 3rd at 7pm 
In this solo show written and performed by Jean Franzblau, directed by Carly DW Bones & developed with Karen Aschenbach, we find our heroine exploring the early childhood hints that she was wired differently, as she generously shares her bumpy, awkwardly arousing journey towards self-acceptance. Ultimately, mama gets an earful. Sexual Content Warning: Ages 18+

The new one-person show The Road to Masada – Antisemitism and Me, created, written and performed by Mitchell Feinstein, and directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson, premieres at the Solo Stars Series on Sunday, December 17.

Wednesday, March 6th at 8pm
We follow Mitch Feinstein, and his History Machine, in a journey through time and space meeting historical figures, average and splendid, who show Mitchell his own history and the history of the world to discover the truth about the myths that support hate beliefs. Ages 13+
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Thursday, March 7th at 8pm 
A unique take on modern life written and performed by Aisha Kumari is a bittersweet, must-see journey through grief and self.  Bolshy, whip-smart, with backchat to spare.  Funny, messy, beautiful …it’s life, on stage. An acclaimed raucously funny; heartbreakingly tender solo show. Ages 18+

Mid Life Mood Swing

Friday, March 8th at 8pm
What happens when you turn 50, have two teenagers and are married 20 years? You have a Mid Life Mood Swing! This show is about Mary Kennedy (Shameless, Hulu, CONAN) journey being a roadie for her mom’s wedding band, having the real-life Kennedy’s as her cousins and navigating motherhood and ultimately menopause. Mid Life Mood Swing is quite a comedic ride through 80s nostalgia to present day chaos. Ages 16+
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Thursday, March 14 at 8pm 
The path to motherhood opens old wounds forcing a new mom to come to grips with the guilt she’s carried about her mother’s death. A love letter between a daughter and her mother FOR YOU embraces the forgiveness and the strength it takes to find happiness after tragedy.  Written and performed by Melissa Lugo.  Ages 16+.

Friday, March 15th at 8pm 
In this world premiere solo show written and performed by Alice Manning, directed by Geoffrey Dwyer, we experience Alice’s emotional, spiritual, psychological, and at times traumatic, and at times hilarious roller coaster ride through her childhood, growing up in Cleveland in the 1960’s and 70’s (with 8 brothers and sisters) in an Irish Catholic family, where her dad worked for the largest amusement park in the Midwest.  Ages 13+

Saturday, March 16th at 8pm
In this solo show, we follow Nadeen, a Nuyorican single mother of two living in Los Angeles, as she explores the complexities of three generations of motherhood while tackling a driving test that can change her life. A Spanglish dramedy, Nadeen Gautier’s heartfelt autobiographical story will have you laughing, crying, and dancing in your seat. Ages 13+


General Admission Tickets for live shows are $25.00 each, unless otherwise noted.

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For information about SOLOFEST 2024, to buy tickets or for parking tips please visit or call 818-687-8559.


The Whitefire Theatre is located at 13500 Ventura Boulevard (at Sunnyslope Avenue), Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.   

Programs subject to change. 

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