SOLOFEST 2024 February Shows

The Whitefire Theatre will open its 42nd season with SOLOFEST 2024 from January 11 through March 16. 

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – The Whitefire Theatre will open its 42nd season with SOLOFEST 2024 from January 11 through March 16.  

A celebration of the solo journey, SOLOFEST has been recognized as the largest solo festival on the West Coast.  This year’s festival program offers premieres and audience favorites live on stage, with some shows available with a stream-on-demand option. SOLOFEST 2024 is hosted by Bryan Rasmussen and Rachael Stein, runs January 11 through March 16.  

SOLOFEST February shows include:                                                                                                  

Thursday, February 1st at 8pm

FLAYED – read the NoHo Arts theatre review>>

In this multi-award-winning solo play, a puritanical pastor conservative in Southwest Virginia, attempts to deliver his first sermon, but is interrupted by the many obscene voices in his head. He must confront his theology, sexuality, and identity in order to finish his sermon and…to survive. Written & performed by Josiah Blount (The Gambler, Ted 2, Modern Family). Ages 18+

Friday, February 2nd at 8pm   

WHO AM I? A Human Revolution

This autobiographical musical dramedy written and performed by Helema Maggiore, directed and developed by Jessican Lynn Johnson, explores the singer-songwriter’s discovery of who she is by reflecting upon the challenging and joyful relationships she has developed in her life.  Helema portrays 19 different characters in this fun, relatable, vulnerable show, and performs six original songs and a few cover tunes as well.  Maggiore has opened for artists such as Mary Wilson of the Supremes, the Fifth Dimension and many more. Ages 16+                                                                                     

Saturday, February 3rd at 8pm 

A Mile in My Shoes

In this multi-award-winning mix of poetry, drama and comedy, and consciousness-raising theater, creator Kathryn Taylor Smith portrays 19 characters inspired by research and personal interviews with past and present members of the homeless community as well as those who advocate for them. This socially conscious and socially relevant piece speaks to the audience from a raw, uncensored, unapologetic perspective. Join Ester, an omniscient shoe whisperer, as she walks us through a day in her life on Skid Row.  Written and performed by Kathryn Taylor Smith and directed by Zadia Ife. Ages 16+

Sunday, February 4th at 7pm 

PSA: Pelvic Service Announcement

When “know-it-all” NYC comedian Amy Veltman sought help for her pelvic floor issues, she quickly learned just how much she didn’t know about her body’s most basic functions. Why didn’t her OB/GYN dad ever tell her anything important? While in treatment, Amy discovered hilarious and humbling truths about herself that went much deeper than the pelvic floor. Veltman shares it all in this multimedia extravaganza featuring unforgettable characters, (very) original songs, and just a little bit of Lysol. Join Amy for a delightful night of entertainment meant for everybody. Ages 15+ 

Thursday, February 8th at 8pm

Sunita: Back to Me

Sunita Param, aka The Little Brown Girl, weaves an autobiographical tale of a Broadway-bound dynamo forced to confront a reality she never envisioned.  Her glorious soprano voice fills the room and transports her audience into the heart of every story. Accompanied on the piano by the brilliant Derek Purdy, Sunita takes you through a musical theatre journey of her life’s ups and downs and everything in between. You WILL laugh, you WILL cry… you WILL be inspired and filled with joy by the resilience of the human spirit.  Ages 13+

Friday, February 9th at 8pm

Jim McCaffree – National Treasure

In this unforgettable solo show, McCaffree skillfully dances between disappointment and laughter embodying a diverse cast of comedic characters, each grappling with life’s letdowns, finding comedy in the face of disappointment. Through laughter, the audience becomes not just spectators but companions on this journey of self-discovery. Woven within the fabric of humor are threads of resilience, highlighting the strength found in laughter amid life’s setbacks. Jim McCaffree is a Los Angeles-based actor and comedian. He can be seen in The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Disney Channel!  Ages 18+

Saturday, February 10th at 8pm

Punk Grandpa 

Written and performed by Laura Scruggs, directed by Jacob Baierl “Punk Grandpa” is like a modern-day Auntie Mame, with genders reversed. It’s all about being yourself, not worrying about what others think, embracing life and humor and the value of the grandparent/grandchild relationship. Ages 13+ 

Sunday, February 11th at 7pm

Mid Life Mood Swing – read the NoHo Arts theatre review>>

What happens when you turn 50, have two teenagers, and are married 20 years? You have a Mid Life Mood Swing! Mary Kennedy (Shameless, CONAN, Hulu), stars in this roller coaster ride, of motherhood, marriage, midlife and menopause. This comedic ride through 80s nostalgia to present-day chaos is written and performed by Comedian/Actress Mary Kennedy. Ages 16+

Thursday, February 15th at 8pm

VIXEN DEVILLE REVEALED                                                                                                              

This multiple award-winning show combines burlesque, circus, magic, and comedy… plus a few home truths. British actress, Cat LaCohie reveals the truth behind her Burlesque persona, ‘Vixen DeVille”, inviting you to discover and celebrate YOUR own inner Vixen.  Embrace the freedom to express yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself, the GOOD, the BAD and THE WOBBLY!! Guaranteed to leave you entertained and inspired. Ages 15+

Friday, February 16th at 8pm


The talented kids of Little Stars Youth Theatre have been working hard to bring you their production of Macbeth. But when an emergency broadcast announces the incoming end of the world, the young cast evacuates, leaving only their director, Jill, behind. The show must go on…right? This multi-award-winning solo show is performed by Jill Young and directed by Calliope Weisman. Ages 15+ (Contains profanity, mature themes.)  

Saturday, February 17th at 8pm


What do you do when your car breaks down? You take it to the shop. What do you do when you break down? You just go to work. The world does not stop when life unravels.  TITLE PENDING is the story of such a breakdown. As Heather braces for impact, she wonders, where does the road lead if the GPS she has always trusted is defective? Written and performed by Heather Tyson. Ages 18+

Sunday, February 18th at 7pm

TRAGIC MAGIC- A Story of Recovery – read the NoHo Arts theatre interview>>

This multi-award-winning solo show written and performed by Sigute Miller is a riveting saga of tragedy, transformation, and recovery. Facing the dragon of addiction early with harrowing blackouts, endangering her daughter, me too shame, to transforming in India, Sigute weaves her redemptive journey with raw honesty and humor.  Tragic Magic is a story of hope, recovery, triumph, and finally – celebration. Ages 16+

Thursday, February 22nd at 8pm 


When Mage Lynn, an extraordinarily imaginative changeling child is an outcast and left alone with no friends, no talents, and no control over her emotions or bodily secretions, she goes on an absurd quest to find her happy ending. This well received, crowd pleaser is written and performed by Susan Sassi, a comedy writer, stand-up comedian, and professional Cathy impersonator.  Ages 13+

Friday, February 23rd at 8pm

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

The multi-award-winning “Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?” written and performed by Alexandra Ryan is the anti-self-help/anti-Ted talk show. Ever been told to “be who you are”, wanted to just scream, and thrown a self-help book across the room? Then this show is for you with plenty of inner voices to keep you company. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be entertained along the way! Ages 15+ Parental supervision recommended as themes of complicated families, narcissism, and grief are present. Ages 15+

Saturday, February 24th at 8pm 

Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?

This is the story of a funny woman dealing with some not-so-funny circumstances. How do you become a successful standup comic if you can’t actually stand up? Well-known Comedian Cathy Ladman shares her journey in getting there, all while battling an eating disorder that almost killed her. Sound fun? It is!  Written by Cathy Ladman and Laura Philbin Coyle, performed by Ladman, and directed by Philbin Coyle. Ages 14+

Sunday, February 25th at 7pm

Fill Your Pockets with Sunshine

Fill Your Pockets with Sunshine, written and performed by actor, comedian, and voice-over artist Kezia Norton, is a dramatic story that navigates through the intricate web of childhood trauma and resilience. It’s also how love and support go a long way. Through a compelling blend of storytelling and performance, this solo show invites the audience to witness the transformative power of confronting and embracing one’s past. Ages 16+

Wednesday, February 28th at 8pm

The House Whisperer 

This one-woman show written and performed by Gabriella DeMarco, and directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, is about a high school dropout who yearns to be a real estate mogul and Airbnb Superhost in the desert. Will a vision board AND a village be enough to manifest Gabriella’s destiny? See the law of attraction in action on this heroine’s adventure. Ages 16+

Thursday, February 29th at 8pm


He was so busy running away to his new life, he didn’t realize that he needed a moment to stop and process it all until his car broke down. Welcher, performed by award-winning actor Jonathan Fishman, is a story of a man searching for understanding…has he gotten anything right so far? Ages 16+


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