Sluka’s “Christmas Tamales” 

A NoHo Arts music review of Sulka’s “Christmas Tamales” single.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts music review of Sluka’s “Christmas Tamales” single.

Christopher Sluka is a musician I have become pretty familiar with over the years, reviewing several of his previous releases, whether singles or albums. He is a prodigious and prolific musical entrepreneur and has been for many more decades than he might be comfortable admitting to.

But all this history, expertise and experience gives him a unique perspective on the world of pop and the verve needed to write, record and indeed release his wonderful seasonal single “Christmas Tamales.”

A NoHo Arts music review of Sulka’s “Christmas Tamales” single.

And what a relentlessly cheery record it is! I don’t know about you, but I am just as enthusiastic about tamales and Christmas as Mr Sluka, and judging by this epic and heartrending song, that’s saying something. So to have an entire song to sing along to about it is an absolute delight…and a long time coming.

“Christmas Tamales” is a fun and festive jovial lovefest to the most delicious holiday savory, although according to this song, it can be sweet too. Catchy, joyous, pop fluff, but with all the sincerity this stellar and gifted musician has for all his music.

A NoHo Arts music review of Sulka’s “Christmas Tamales” single.

Think the Beatles Christmas song on steroids…or any one of David Bowie’s many Christmas offerings and did Weird Al ever do a Christmas song?? Almost positive he did…

So Happy Christmas to all and I wish you the most delicious Tamales ever…lord knows we need them this year more than most. 

This funny quirky and beautifully produced song and its accompanying and unmissable video is just what we need!

The Team:

Christopher Sluka: Piano, Guitar, Synth & Vocals

Anna Eppink: Bass

Michael Bedard: Drums

Nico Hueso: Violin & Viola

Erdis Maxhelaku: Cello

Brad Steinwehe: Bassoon, Piccolo & Flute

Producer: Alan Sanderson

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