Skincare tips from the pros

How Do Celebrities Prepare Their Skin Before a Big Event?

Before celebrities flaunt gorgeous gowns and stand in the spotlight at red-carpet events, they have to focus on every aspect of the way they look to get ready for all eyes and camera lenses focused on them. While wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup are all essentials, celebrities won’t have a complete look without flawless skin. That’s why a focus on skin preparation is one of the main parts of every celebrity’s pre-event activities.

How do celebrities prep their skin for major awards shows and premieres? These are some of their techniques, which you can follow too!

Start in Advance

You can’t start skin care the day of a big event if you want to achieve the best results. Instead, celebs begin their routine weeks in advance with treatments that vary depending on the celebrity and the beauty specialists who work on them. Some get facials that get rid of blockages, which helps prevent the skin from breaking out later. Well in advance, many celebrities get oxygen skin treatments with vitamin serums, which work to add plumpness to the skin and reduce signs of aging.

The person who founded the trademarked “Red Carpet Facial” boosts the skin with an electric current that comes from a tool called a “Resculptor.” She also fights signs of aging with LED lights, and uses beauty products to improve puffiness and drooping around the eyes, and to help the jawline stand out better. Whether they use this professional’s products or some from another brand, most celebrities use some form of specialty beauty products leading up to the event in order to keep their skin clear, moisturized and looking perfect.

Closer to the Event

Then, a few days before the event, celebrities tend to get more skin treatments, such as light therapy, performed on their skin. They continue to use specialty products to enhance their skin as well. And on the day of the event, they might use some gentle treatments and moisturizing before adding a layer of event-ready makeup.

More Than the Face

When dresses show off legs, arms, backs and plunging necklines, it’s important to focus on skin beyond the face. That’s why female celebrities will often get the same treatments they would get on their faces across their entire bodies. Nonetheless, many male celebrities perform skin treatments on their faces just like their female counterparts.

Work With Professionals

In general, celebrities don’t perform skin care treatments on themselves before their major events. Instead, they rely on the expertise of professional estheticians who have learned the tricks of the trade by going through esthetician school. One of the reasons to work with a professional is that they can tailor the skin treatments to each person, based on the type of skin you have and the condition of it at the moment.

Beyond Skin Care

Of course, celebrities do a lot more to prepare for their big events than work on their skin. They tend to get a variety of hair conditioning treatments to improve the hair’s look and feel, work on slimming and toning techniques for their body, and go through juice cleanses to look and feel their best. They might also do tanning, a lot of exercising and follow other secret or well-known techniques. Some of these activities might have an effect on the glow of their skin, but the skin treatments are definitely an important part of the preparation process.

Maybe you can’t have these specialty treatments all the time, but they’re perfect for the special occasions in your life too, such as your wedding day or a career recognition event. Rely on a professional to give you the perfect esthetics for your important day.

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