Skepta – Doin’ It Again

Artist: Skepta Album: Doin’ It Again Location: London

Skepta, who is arguably one of the most influential MC’s on the grime scene, has come back hard with his third studio album “Doin’ It Again’.

The CD was released on Boy Better Know Records, which Skepta is a co-founder of along side grime artist and brother JME. Before its official release four singles from the album were available, all of which made there way into the UK top 40.

This album has a much fuller and dare I say professional sound than his last, perhaps because it features a grime remix of ‘Hello Good Morning’ featuring P. Diddy himself. It is clear that not only grime is moving towards the mainstream direction but also it is no longer just appeals to primarily UK residents and branching out to an international market.

I can only give praise to Skepta every thing he produces is insanely addictive and he deserves all the up and coming international success he will receive. Go out and buy this album, all his previous albums and order his brother JME’s albums too.