Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”

Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”
Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”

Sines’ ”A Series of Moments” Album Release and Review.

Sines is Jason Wann.  A Portland-based synth pop/disco artist and producer with a variety of musical projects released under several monikers, cataloging his ever-evolving sound.  

Sines’ “A Series of Moments” is his latest release.  Fourteen tracks of gorgeous billowing synths.

Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”
Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”

A warm organic evolution of sound with waves of beautifully sung stories pulled from deep within his imagination, or formed around his own experiences and feelings.

Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”
Sines’ ”A Series of Moments”

It’s a retro heaven of Moroder-esque proportions.  Walls of music, spiraling beats, oceans of rhythm, breathy, organic sensational vocals.  Everything purposed to please.

Echos of Kraftwerk sure, but so much more than that. It’s like being bathed in light.  Remember when you used to dance to music in a big sweaty club, with crowds of people, feeling like you were all alone, connected to the universe? Needing nothing but the music.  Knowing every line before even hearing it. Music building and building and blissfully releasing. 

I cannot tell you how much I love Sines’ “A Series of Moments” album.  

He recently finished a really excellent long-form music video/film for the “A Series of Moments” album.

The vocals are perfectly balanced, the sounds wonderfully synthetic, but like all the best electronic music, it all feels uber natural. Like the beginning of everything. Stars colliding. Atoms cracking open. Cause and effect. The pulse of the universe. 

Am I waxing lyrical? Perhaps. But, this album is so bloody good I just can’t help myself. After all,  I am an 80s. So, this is manna from synthetic heaven.  Love, love, loved it!!

Favorite track? All of them.

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