SILVER SNAKES Interview with Alex Estrada on Year of the Snake


We’ve been talking about Silver Snakes for a few years now, and if you’re already familiar with what they do you’re ahead of the learning curve. Featuring members of Horse The Band, the SoCal rock group have made quite an impression on the music scene with the 90s-inspired jams captured on their latest album Year of The Snake.

Having shared the stage with acts like Coheed and Cambria, Defeater, and Scale The Summit, Silver Snakes have been infecting crowds with their toxic venom, awing spectators across the nation with a compelling stage performance that affects the nervous system for weeks.

In this interview frontman Alex Estrada talks to us about the band’s latest record, what it was like playing with Coheed, and running his own recording studio. If you don’t already know him by name, you likely know his work — he’s produced some rad records, like the first Touche Amore album.

Oh and how could we forget? If you’re in the LA area, SS will be doing a show with Intronaut on November 4th at the Roxy and on December 18th with United Nations at Los Globos.


Here’s what’s covered:

00:04 Deadhead (feat. members of Touche Amore)
01:43 his relationship with Touche & recording their first album
03:31 his old band Cathedrals
04:19 the first Silver Snakes show ever
05:08 working with Steve Choi of RX Bandits
06:29 opening for Coheed and Cambria
07:27 being held hostage by strippers in New Orleans
08:46 why he started his own recording studio
09:30 recording Year of the Snake
11:11 advice to young engineers/producers/musicians
Bands mentioned in this interview:

Touche Amore
The CafFiends
His Hero is Gone
Dear Life
RX Bandits
Peace’d Out
Coheed and Cambria
Iron Maiden
Smashing Pumpkins