A Sidewalk Singers’ Sweetheart Serenade!

A Sidewalk Singers' Sweetheart Serenade
A Sidewalk Singers' Sweetheart Serenade

This Valentine’s Day, give your Valentine something unique and memorable – A Sidewalk Singers‘ Sweetheart Serenade! A what? A serenade. It’s the 2022 version of a singing telegram…but better.

Meet the Sidewalk Singers, created by the dynamic NoHo musical duo, Serafina and Dan.

Sidewalk Singers was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic by these two North Hollywood-based musicians who lost their means of income and wanted to continue to entertain and give back to the community, all while still maintaining social distance protocols. The goal is to provide a fun, safe and memorable way for people to celebrate their special day during these tough times.

A Sidewalk Singers' Sweetheart Serenade
Dan and Serafina – the creators of Sidewalk Singers

How does it work?

A singer and guitarist will arrive to the front of your home, (socially distanced) or to the home of a friend/loved one and perform! If it’s a surprise for someone else, we can be in text communication with you the whole time! We will also be wearing our face masks! We can perform songs of ALL GENRES and if one of the songs you want isn’t on our list, we will LEARN IT JUST FOR YOU! We can do any song you want for Valentine’s Day. As long as you give us 24-48 hours to learn it, we can play anything!

(FYI: In addition, they also do break up songs and “please, can I have you back” songs.)

See the song list>> | Book your Sidewalk Singers’ Sweetheart’s Serenade>>

What are your backgrounds?

We are life-long working musicians! Founder Serafia is a jazz/blues vocalist and songwriter and has performed all over LA. Some of her regular shows are at The Langham Huntington, The Montage and The Sofitel. She also has sang the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium 2x. Dan is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter who has performed at the SXSW music festival. We are a couple!

How did you come up with the name?

We wanted to pick a name that conveyed the visual of exactly what we will be doing! Social distancing + Music! HAHA! We didn’t want people to think we would be coming into their homes, being amid Covid-19, so the word sidewalk seemed perfect because it’s implied in the name that we will be socially distanced, doing what we do best…. !!

Why did you move to the NoHo Arts District?

We moved here because it just seemed like the perfect place for us as musicians….and turns, out, it is! To be surrounded by so much history of thriving art and living around other creative people just further inspires us more. Plus, it’s so amazing to live so close to so many recording studios and theaters! NoHo Arts District is changing and growing and we’re so happy to be right in the thick of it growing with it!!!

A Sidewalk Singers' Sweetheart Serenade
A Sidewalk Singers’ Sweetheart Serenade

Don’t have a sweetheart? Sidewalk Singers also specializes in birthdays, anniversaries, or even a morale booster for your best friend! Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from creating beautiful memories for your special day!









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