Shygirl’s “Cleo”

Shygirl's "Cleo" - credit @trinityellis

We’re listening to Shygirl’s “Cleo” single, and impatiently awaiting her new album.

Shygirl’s “Cleo” single is a movie soundtrack song. A song cinematographers and club goers both would love. It opens with a symphony. Really. Then, about a minute in, she comes in with some 90s dance music, reminiscent of Robin S’s “Show Me Love” and a bit of “Finally” from Cece Peniston. The video, directed by Trinity Elis, is a fantasy movie romance that fits effortlessly with the bold, cinematic orchestral opening and the house groove mix.

“You got me feeling like a movie star
All eyes on me
I could be your fantasy”

However, even though Shygirl’s “Cleo” is a bit more cinematic, you’ll still hear her storytelling over unconventional beats and that signature house groove. Check out our other two favorite tracks “Leng” and “Ucker.”  

Her Spotify BIO sums up her sound:

“Shygirl, lyricist, DJ with a tone set clearly in the depths of the club.”

We’ve added Shygirl’s “Cleo” to our What We’re Listening to Spotify playlist:

Thanks for making music that makes us move.

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