“She Stoops To Scandal”

A NoHo Arts theatre review of “She Stoops To Scandal.
A NoHo Arts theatre review of “She Stoops To Scandal."

A NoHo Arts theatre review of “She Stoops To Scandal,” written by Chambers Stevens, performed by Darbianna Dinsmore and directed by Megan Ford-Miller at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“She Stoops To Scandal” is a one-women, multi-character Jane Austinesque show about a young woman of modest means, Grace, who by chance meets the second richest woman in the country when her carriage smashes into Grace’s house in the little town where she lives. In true Regency fashion, Grace, whose hair is unfashionable short due to an eagle ripping it out when she was a child, is befriended by this rich and lovely lady and transported to London, where she has many adventures and meets the man of her dreams.  Because, of course she does.

“She Stoops To Scandal” is a wonderful blend of “Sense and Sensibility” and “Pride & Prejudice” with a little bit of “Northanger Abbey” thrown in for good measure.  Characters from the books comically make their appearances, but this is an all-new story. Grace takes us on a tour of London society, finds her long-lost father, causes a scandal, and falls in love…with the right man in the end.

It’s an absolutely brilliant show and was the Pick of the Fringe winner in 2021. Darbianna Dinsmore is absolutely wonderful as Grace, and grandmother, mother, and various other characters who come in and out of the story. 

There’s also plenty of dancing to some hilariously unfitting music. “She Stoops to Scandal” is the perfect Fringe show. Clever, inventive, funny and utterly original. But it all falls on Darbianna to pull it all together and make us believe. She does and we totally do! 

What an inspired and creative piece this is, giving Darbianna the perfect material to really highlight her comedic skills. What I loved the most though was her ability to totally commit to each and every character. 

A NoHo Arts theatre review of “She Stoops To Scandal."

Nothing is played for laughs, and as she magically flits from one person to another, metamorphosing in front of our very eyes she charms her way into our hearts.  I loved this play and Darbianna is inspiring!

There is just one more performance on June 26 at 3pm at Studio Stage, but they are also streaming it if it’s sold out!


Sunday, June 26 at  3:00 PM 

Sunday, June 26 at 3:00 PM (Streamed from studio/stage)


Studio Stage

520 N Western Ave, Lost Angeles 90004



A NoHo Arts theatre review of “She Stoops To Scandal."