Selena Gomez, First Aid Kit, Russell Dickerson, FLETCHER.


This week’s New Music Friday 11/4: Selena Gomez, First Aid Kit, Russell Dickerson, FLETCHER.

Selena Gomez – My Mind & Me (Interscope)

A firm and much-needed comeback by Selena Gomez is welcomed warmly on the pop music scene. Since her Revelación EP in 2021, we have been missing her floral and humble voice and undeniably good tracks.

Sound-wise, the new song My Mind & Me is a nostalgic throwback to her 2019 hit Lose You To Love Me, leaving more room to listen to the important-than-ever lyrical direction she has embarked on.

Today also marks the release of her documentary film of the same name, directed by Alek Keshishian. The picture follows Gomez over a six-year period, after the shoot of her hit video Hands To Myself, and explores the journey of reclaiming her mental health and true self.

Hopefully, this is a start of a whole new era followed by another amazing full-length by her.

First Aid Kit – Palomino (Columbia)

Fans have been craving for new material from the Swedish folk-pop duo and Palomino has surely been a work of art in the making. Since their last record Ruins, the pair have come a long way, both musically and lyrically, proving their importance to the scene.

Perhaps their most mature set so far, it feels like the duo has finally fully embraced their truest callings and have set free new creative fires. The record also serves a breathtaking set of visuals, painting perhaps the rightest picture of the soundscapes.

More melancholic tracks such as Nobody Knows and 29 Palms Highway add great variety to the set and will surely become fan favorites.

Highlight of the record: Angels

Russell Dickerson – Russell Dickerson (Triple Tigers)

Writing his name surely into the country music sky, Russell Dickerson releases his fourth, self-titled studio album. With his freshest effort, Dickerson continues to bless his fans with radio-friendly country bops that surely sound like hits.

Although, his self-titled tends to be more of a chapter two for his 2020 Southern Symphony, leaving you more than satisfied, but not very surprised. For his next releases, I would expect more explorations of musical directions as country music surely provides paths to do so. 

Excellent examples include Kacey Musgraves and Dan+Shay, who have tastefully and successfully broken musical borders, yet staying loyal to their roots.

Album highlights: Sorry, All The Same Friends

FLETCHER – Suckerpunch (Capitol)

With her fans still busy streaming her eye-opening debut Girl Of My Dreams, filled with absolute pop-perfection bops, the artist dropped a whole-new track last night. 

The new song Suckerpunch, produced by Connor McDonoguh, takes the listener on a carefree ride yet leaves you thinking of bittersweet memories from the past.

It is only a matter of time until FLETCHER finds her way to mainstream stages and radio stations, keeping her gems just to her fans until then.