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Secrets to a Successful Life

As soon as we come into our senses and realize the existential situation that dawns upon us, we immediately turn to face the challenge.

The challenge of deciding whether we are going to become something or are we going to be scared forever. Because the risks are real. In any part and field and aspect of life, whenever you set out to do something, you can be sure that there is going to be everything in your way trying to stop you from getting there. This is sadly, what life in this world is.

You can either be a winner, or a loser. There’s no space for average or middle-class people. If you wish to be counted for something, you better make sure you’re on the top. The secret? Your will. Your determination. And a few skills that you should learn along with a knowledge of what to unlearn.

Secrets to a successful life:

From experience, many successful people have told things to their closest companions about how they managed to get through. The struggle is real. The pressure is always on. Whether you’re facing a challenge in your school regarding your studies or you’re an athlete about to go in for the world cup final. The state we all share including the nervousness, the fear, the adrenaline, is all ultimately the same. That shows just how similar we are in our own individual and separate lives. Showing compassion towards yourself and towards fellow strugglers is the key to being a knowledgeable individual with enough consciousness to make better decisions. Like knowing when you’re pushing yourself.

You can be smart by being what you always imagine to be smart. Like knowing which job to choose. Many people known as wise guys were very compelling in any situation they were in. Not because of any special characteristic that they magically had, but by doing what they thought was smart. By not ever letting their own ego and the selfish concept of respect and honor get in the way of them getting things done. Which brings us to the most important secret to success.

There’s no time. Time is ultimately a concept. You can restrict yourself to sleep for a specific period of time, or you can escape that loop and get things done as soon as you can. That way, you can actually enjoy your life at each moment. Your body is not supposed to act like a photosensitive machine that uses the sun and doesn’t work without it. Because in the end, the only thing standing in between a man and his success are excuses. You can always find an excuse to justify why and how you lost. Try to do things you can justify for your wins. Like taking care of yourself. Having yourself checked on a monthly basis by a relevant doctor, orthopedic physician, and/or a dietary expert can really have an effect on your life expectancy. And success is nothing if you can’t be healthy and alive enough to see it.

Equality and justice are some of the things that are always going to be on your mind. Whenever you set out to do something in society, you are bound to come in contact with people. And when you engage with people, you are bound to get in times when you have to take control of the situation and face decisions. Try not to be exclusive and self-centered. Like when you’re running a business, not being a good compassionate boss can really affect the workplace environment proving much to your loss.


The secrets of success are hidden in our daily lives. All you’ve got to do is be vigilant enough to see and think them. But then again, no two success stories are the same. Your way has to be your own. Good Luck!

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