Scott Chasolen ”Living in Limbo” Album Release

Light and bright, uplifting and gorgeously catchy, the songs Scott Chasolen has written for this new album, “Living in Limbo,” are each singularly brilliant and anthemic. Together in this 12 track album they are a kind of musical awakening.

This album, which was entirely recorded and produced by Scott in his apartment, is an homage to broken hearts and lost love.

The beautiful arrangements on acoustic piano and acoustic guitar invoke that amazing duality that great music brings to heartbreak. It makes us want to own the pain and to love the release of it.

He is an accomplished touring musician and you can feel the confidence he has developed over the years in his lyrics and his voice.  The songs are sooo good.  His voice soars and harmonizes effortlessly.  And what a fantastic pianist.  He reminds me of Rufus Wainwright. His music is hard to pin down, one minute jazzy, the next a Broadway show and again at another turn, it’s full on love song.

This is a truly excellent album, very cinematic, with nothing held back, no check to what is popular or commercial.

This album feels like he gave us everything he had with no apologies and no limits and no other way to go.

Favorite song, “Springtime in the City.” It’s an excellent album. Beautifully written songs performed with heart and soul and authentic pain. When you hear Scott Chasolen sing his loss you believe him. Loved it. 

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