Scattered Truths in Eros of Angels

Scattered Truths in Eros of Angels

Eros of Angels is a collection of prose and poetry nearing 400 pages in length that reads like Luza’s roadside journal along the blistering pains of his poetic journey.

Facing the depths of homelessness, isolation, coping with loss, and a departure from his own identity, we are able to witness the madness culminating and living in Luza’s shoes.

The body of this work is raw, and by raw, I mean that it shows us the thought process of the author, flaws in all. It is a work of Confessionalist madness, and delivers us insight on human adaptability, and loss of humanity, that is showed to our homeless. Luza marries verse with confessional style, along with lyricism and much alliteration, to get us all on top of the same rocking horse.

Without much order or thought of presentation of this body of work, however, I felt it was better just to flip around this poetic manual and sink your mind into a poem because there are so many poems in this collection. There are so many, in fact, I felt like I was reading more than one book – there are at least 3-4 different books of poetry in this collection. I challenge Luza to chip away a piece of this book and let it stand on its own, as it purged through the tragic feelings of isolation, mental illness, and what that means to someone that faces this each day; who is alive and feeling… we need to hear this reality.

In Eros of Angels, there is something for everyone, as Luza explores his truths about his family, reality in LA versus NY and his observations of homelessness through his own tough homelessness. He also shares with us his love story with others in his life, some who linger, travel a path, or just stay for chapter. The love Luza has runs so deep that it’s unparalleled to most human unconditional love.

My top picks for this book are: $19, Dead and Homeless Again, LA Again, The Last Poem, Wrongs of the Soul, page 269 of LAX Baggage Claim, which seems to be a section of prose in the book, but not separated by titles, only font changes. My very favorite was Luza’s poem, Writing that starts “embalming words on paper” –ammmmmazing! This poem ought to be an anthem for the craft!

Radomir V.Luza is honest. He has 26 books to show it! I am proud that Radomir has found redemption here in LA; that means there are plenty of us LA angels left. Check out