Saving NoHo’s J.E.T. Studios

J.E.T. Studios needs your help to keep the doors open

JET Studios

Just so we are all on the same page: Los Angeles is a theatre town and the NoHo Arts District is a theatre district. We have the highest concentration of theatres outside of NYC, by the way. So we want to keep our NoHo arts community a thriving theatre destination and place of creative collaboration and creation. This is why we are writing this article to spread the word on the campaign to keep J.E.T. Studios open.

What is J.E.T. Studios? It is a multi-facet center consisting of three studios, one TV/camera room and a 60-seat theatre with raked seating that provides professional space for theatrical productions, film screenings, rehearsals, virtual and regular casting, acting classes and film/video shoots. Their motto is: “Allowing Artists to Create- A Place Where Relationships Develop.”

We asked Judith from J.E.T. Studios about the predicament.

“How did we end up in this mess? I ask myself the same question. Looking back I ask myself did I not think this out? Was my business plan inadequate? Yes it was. Did I have enough funds to establish my business? Yes I did. But so many outside factors played a hand in creating this dilemma. I felt I was in trouble from the inception. “ – Judith E. Taranto, owner J.E.T. Studios

JET Studios

J.E.T. Predicament:
She had the required funds to open up shop and invest in this multi-faceted studio and theatre space. She got a loan from the SBA to cover additional costs even though the repayment schedule was unattainable for a small business. Unfortunately, the construction costs soared and the completion was three months behind schedule. She wasn’t able to use the SBA loan initially set aside for operational costs when she first opened because it had to be used for construction costs. So even before opening she had two options: 1. Don’t open and take the loss. Or 2. At least try to make the business work. She chose to open and North Hollywood has had the use of J.E.T. Studios ever since.


What are your plans for the Indie GoGo fundraiser?
If the Indie GoGo is successful, we plan to use half of that to supplement our present revenue so we can continue operation for the next four months. During those four months we would like to implement a casting/actors site here at J.E.T. Studios such as Catz, On Your Mark and Actors Access but the difference being we would like our set up to offer more to the actor than the other sites because, after all, our facility is about having a forum that is affordable artists so that they are able to create.

Who’s to say that I won’t be in debt again or maybe not even get out of this debt?
We are in the business of the ARTS- live small theatre! Who has ever made it rich? Who else would work 24/7 and not get paid? Only those who have passion for what they do and believe in.

The problem has never been my business plan-but the lack of cash flow to execute the plan. I was in trouble from the beginning and I knew it. But I couldn’t bail out. We don’t give up.

All joking aside. My business is empty during the day and weekend evenings. Once these spots fill up, J.E.T Studios will never be in debt again. If the casting/actor site pans out JET Studios will flourish and be a place we envisioned.


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