Sasquatch Punches Productions Presents “Baccalaureate”

Sasquatch Punches Productions Presents “Baccalaureate,” Written and Performed by Saurabh Kikani. 

Produced by Saurabh Kikani, Nihar Patel and Megha Kadakia.

“Baccalaureate” isn’t like any solo play I have seen.…and I’ve seen a lot. 

Written and performed by Saurabh Kikani, who is more comfortable on stage as a stand up comic, it’s the story of his summer spent at Oxford University in an academic camp for pre-college gifted students.

Most solo plays are about specific moments in the subjects life.  A journey, a revelation, a harrowing experience, a life choice.  Saurabh Kikani has written this story as a gently unwinding narrative. It’s a story about a time in his life that changed him, made him stronger, braver and unlocked his purpose.

No gimmicks, no pandering, just pure, vividly told story.

Saurabh Kikani is a born storyteller.  He takes the stage and holds the audience captive with his earnest, engaging and often hilarious anecdotes.  But this is no comic diatribe, this is a carefully crafted and beautifully written piece.  It as if he is reading us the movie of his life.  Each scene described in emotive detail, each character given life not by mimicry or impersonation, but with words lovingly wrought, painting pictures of these people he loves that are as real as you and I.

Sometimes I am surprised, even after more than 400 plays.  This play, this “Baccoulaureatte” was a wonderful surprise of a play.  His audience rocked with laughter and sighed with contentment.  The story is epic in its humanity.  It is sweet and funny and universal and important.  The journey is the unfolding of a life.  The revelation of a teenage boy more awkward than most and more driven and heartfelt than even he could have known.

I absolutely loved this play.  I see it will be at the Hollywood Fringe this year and let me tell you you would be foolish to miss another chance to spend a summer with a very young Saurabh Kikani and his equally nerdy friends.  It’s like Harry Potter had a baby with Enid Blyton and it fell in love with a spy.  Funny, relevant, touching, brave, gorgeously written and brilliantly performed.

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.