Rosalía – De Plata

We’re listening to “De Plata” from Rosalía’s debut album aptly titled “Los Angeles.” 

Rosalía is a Barcelona-born, Flamenco singer infusing something new into Flamenco music and also the mainstream music scene. She’s not changing Flamenco or copying it, she’s singing her version. Most Flamenco singers, musicians and dancers are born into this world and raised with it but Rosalía “found” her passion for Flamenco as a teen in Catalunya, a region not known for this style of music.


Rosalía’s music is a blend of tradition and something new, and it really is something we haven’t heard.

We chose Rosalía song “De Plata” for a few reasons. First of all, the video is shot in 16mm as she wanders the streets of Los Angeles, which gives a realness to her song. Who would think to combine the sites of L.A. (not necessarily the ones you’d find on Trip Advisor either.) with Flamenco?  

But the treat is she gives North Hollywood a nod, dancing her zapateo in front of the infamous Circus Liquor.

Rosalia Circus NoHo

Second, she dances Flamenco throughout! We’re fans of the expansive Flamenco world that we’ve only just begun to explore. We’ve started taking Flamenco classes here in the Valley with Roberto Amaral.

Lastly, Rosalía’s voice is what made us put her on the What We’re Listening to blog and Spotify playlist. It’s traditional Flamenco style but her voice is more melodic. But we particularly like her use of the various palos (Flamenco styles) on her debut album, which opens the genre to novices, the curious and experts alike.

So welcome to the rich, complicated, intricate, rhythmic, passionate world of Flamenco!

Keep making music that moves us.