Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology”

Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology”
Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology”

Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology” is kind of a “best hits” record. Considering there are 14 tracks, that says a lot about Rock of Asia’s popularity!

Japanese rock musician Nikki Matsumoto is on a mission to connect people from all over the world through the power of music.  

Rock of Asia is a group of highly talented musicians and activist/musician Matsumoto is the beating heart of it.  These songs are full of the vivacity and flavour of his world.  His life journey began by moving to L.A. in the 80s to be a musician, returning to Japan to help with the Tsunami recovery 2011, meeting President Abbas of Palestine and dedicating his solo CD “Palestine on my Mind” to the Palestinian people, founding the NGO “Others First Initiative,” and then becoming the director of “Japan Palestine Friendship Association.”

All of these myriad of moments are what bring so much color and texture and history to these songs.

Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology”
Rock of Asia’s “Asian Anthology”

We in the West are so used to listening to music made for us and played by us.  Shouldn’t we begin to expand our musical world?  Rock of Asia and their folk/rock fusion songs are a great way to expand your musical palette while still hearing a somewhat familiar narrative.  

The instruments and vocals and amazing, swirling, vibrant melodies are a testament to the creativity and the ingenuity of Nikki Matsumoto and his band of intrepid and dedicated musicians.  

Rock of Asia’s bold beautiful sound is authentic, purposeful and truthful.  And, it’s also a lot of fun to listen to!! 



Nikki Matsumoto (Vocals, Biwa, Guitars, Bass, Sanshin, Percussions, Taiko)

Yasuhisa Murase (Acoustic Guitar)

Kizen Ohyama (Shakuhachi)

Kay Suzuki (Violin)

Kouzan Oyama (Shamisen)

& others


Nikki Matsumoto


Website: |




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