Review of Vote! The Musical

Above the Curve Theatre Company presents “Vote! The Musical” at Actors Workout Studio in the NoHo Arts District through June 25.

Ryann Ferguson: Writer

Steven Jamail: Composer

Jan-Michael Del Mundo: Director

I love a good musical… the funnier the better and “Vote! The Musical” is absolutely hilarious.

Set in a high school and populated by actors who are just a little beyond playing ‘high school’ age parts, which is brilliant by the way, we watch transfixed as three students battle each other in the election for high school president.  There’s the quiet earnest do-gooder, the competitive, driven, obsessive, egotistical nerd and the homecoming queen who has everyone twisted around her little finger…fierce competition indeed!

Directed by Jan-Michael Del Mundo with musical direction by Carson Schutze and choreography by Vanessa Lorenzo and Jillian Forster, this is a 16-strong extravaganza and the cast really had the roof raising off the theatre!

I had a blast watching how much fun everyone was having on stage and, from the whoops of delight from the audience, I wasn’t the only one.

There were a few interesting subplots, errant boyfriends, accidental cheating, backstabbing, undermining and sabotage…just your usual teenage antics.  But in the end, the substance of this play lies in the music and the performances.  Everyone was brilliant. They really let go and ‘became’ those spotty, awkward, idiotic kids they all used to be.  Some of these songs are real show stoppers too. I particularly enjoyed the ‘nerd’ Mike’s Justin Timberlake-esquely fabulous “Ambition.” Boy can he entertain!

Think Clueless/Election/House of Cards but with everyone bursting into song and leaping about. I loved it!!

I highly recommend that you shimmy on down to the Actors Workout Theatre in NoHo and have some fun…bring your pom poms!!

Starring Angela Cole, Adam Fauth, Nicole DaCosta, Keegan Winfield, Erica Brauer, Bonnie Doyle, Brittney S. Wheeler, Anthony Marquez, Carrie Daniel, Mark Labella and John Corrigan.

Actors Workout Theatre
4735 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, 91602

“VOTE! The Musical

June 2 — 25

Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM & Sundays at 7PM

Above the Curve Theatre at Actors Workout Studio

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.


  1. Just saw this play on Saturday June 10 and was delighted! Great ensemble cast that provided something for everyone. Dance routines, music, comedy, tender moments… Great performances all around and very impressive choreography! Really enjoyed the great use of the space and quick set changes. Adam Fauth absolutely kills it, Angela Cole’s tender performance was touching and heartfelt, Brittney Wheeler is a powerhouse, and Anthony Marquez’ comedic presence is second to none! Every member of the cast was on point and created an enjoyable collage! Will definitely be seeing it again before it closes.